Couldnt even last the first day of the challenge

I went 3 days but failed on the first day of the September challenge. I feel like actual shit right now for this. I feel demoralized and all. On top of that i quit the football team for some bogus reasons. Im a quitter and a fapper this fucking sucks. All I’ve done is quit.

Don’t worry onahole , never lose hope .
Abstrain from pmo is a slow process . me too relapsed not after 3 days streak but after 6 days streak , I was participating in two challenges and one was a team challenge and I failed my team.
But dont feel down becoz it wont help you but start again and fail again, but fail better than your highest streak .lets do it together


I would say that you should rejoin the football team.
I know quitting football team was becoz you relapsed and you felt that you were unworthy.

One day u will become a great football player.
Last time I relapsed , I was acting wierder and i ruined that day and now Iam thinking what was all that for
I started again and now I relapsed again but no problem my nxt target is 10 days.
One day we will reach our goal.

I remembered earlier when I wasnt able to complete even 3 days and when i was about to start JASOND challenge which means clean July August Sep Oct Nov Dec but look at me im imperfect always. But getting better day by day .
My highest streak is 7 days and avrg streak is 5-6 days.


I’ve quit twice already. I don’t think I’ll rejoin. I’ll search for a job or do sometjing

Find Jordan Peterson on Youtube and listen to it. Type in the search bar “for males” or something. Might be it’s a bit too early for you. But try to listen to him at least. Or David Goggins. I think you need a “cold shower” not soft blankets :wink:


Hey @anon9498230 one thing you can try is physically tiring yourself. This works for me in my initial days(1 week).
I just workout, do physical activity like going out, buying stuffs for home. Like do anything, if you have nothing to do just lift some heavy stuffs in your house and make yourself tired, soo dead tired that your body will not even think of PMO and the 1 st thing after seeing your bed, your urge will be to sleep.

My understanding is, you can relapse multiple times in a day because you have energy to spare. So just spend that energy hard and the urge will decrease.

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I wish you the best guys… Leaving this forum permanently… Good luck on your journey


Right now i dont even want to live. I dont think i have the motivation to tire myself

I think you have to. Every time you do things when you feel like it then you will never get anything done. I am depressed, I don’t want to live all these are plain stupid talks. Build a routine even if it is very small but do that. Do that every day consistently. The routine can be as simple as walking 2- 3 km daily. Or jumping 100 times. Anything it should be very easy. Once you do that for 1 month include other thing in your routine.

Watch this video.

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Relapse is a part of this process don’t loose hope it’s just the beginning and don’t decide or jump to conclusions and quit if you want take a break start something different if that what is ur gut feeling is, life will find a way and ull achieve something it’s ok sometimes life doesn’t happen the way you want and it’s fine but don’t loose hope and specially after relapsing it tends to trigger feelings of doom but they shall pass keep fighting !

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