Copperfield's Diary

It is the best of times, It is the worst of times.

I’m David, I’m 25 and I cannot even pass a week without watching porn and masturbating.


Day 0

I’ll probably be updating once every 12 hours. So see ya then!

I know the struggle bro, it is rough, we are here for ya, you got this

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Thanks @levimorris4567 !

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Well, 9 hours 30 minutes done. Phew!

What are you doing instead of watching porn? Are there any activities you can do?

I’m studying. I will be checking in here in between the sessions.

14 hours and 30 minutes completed!

What is this app??..

It’s called Quitzilla.

20 hours completed! Phew!

Well I Relapsed again!

Get back up bro, find out what triggers you, what makes you do it, place your faith in God and accept his power. You can do this, just get up and pick up your sword and continue the fight!!


I can only support what levimorris said
figure out why you watched porn. Learn from your relapses so that you won’t do the same mistake again. Work on each problem, on every single reason which led to a relapse and one day, you will succeed and quit forever!


Thanks both of you @neveragaintw and @levimorris4567

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Day 1 Completed.

For my future daughter.

Day 2 Completed.

For my future daughter!

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Go David! You got this bro!

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Relapsed after almost 6 days. Day 0 again.