Copper&bronze's diary: life and nofap


Day 5

Had a job interview today. Did well. Was offered the job later in the day. Feel better because I won’t be able to fap during the day once I start working.

No porn at all today, just masturbated this morning. I’m still focusing on Easy mode because I want this brain fog :fog: to clear up.

I will admit since I didn’t have time to watch porn during the day I was happy the opportunity never presented itself.

Celebrate Recovery was great tonight. Since we can openly share about our problems there I can work on my social anxiety by opening up and talking in front of a group of people. Celebrate Recovery also has a group for women with sexual issues so I think it is a good program for both sexes. :blonde_woman: :bearded_person:t2:

I’m not going to be perfect in making a diary entry every day. I like letting life happen.
Gonna try to see a dentist soon since I have a toothache. :face_with_head_bandage:


wow you’re doing well. Congrats on the job! :smile: :confetti_ball:
Nice to see that you’re being very active in a group or community and working on your social anxiety. I better try socialize even if I hate it. Go see dentist soon. I hate toothache.


Good for you bro! I’m glad to read your diary!
You’re very practical and honest, I like it!
Makes me feel good :smile::pray::+1:


Day 1

I relapsed yesterday early in the morning. It felt kind of compulsive. I’m not sure what I should do different to go farther.

I almost relapsed today too. I went in that direction and then I quit. I decided to quit and go running. Went for a jog, :running_man:Which gave me some relief.

I really feel tired of porn and feel like I only turn to it occasionally out of habit. I’m going to break this habit for good.

Did the dishes, not much else. Getting my mind ready to start working soon. Still praying :pray: and reading the Bible. I’m not regressing, I kind of think I’m progressing in every area except nofap.


I also think it’s just a bad habit of ours because I’m not really looking forward and not really enjoying watching it but mindlessly doing it. Let’s do our best to get rid off it.


Day 4

Its been a difficult week this past week. I’ve been depressed and haven’t felt like myself. I did relapse 4 days ago but I feel miserable like I relapsed yesterday.
I’ve learned my lesson, PMO will leave me guilty and empty. Just have to practice avoiding PMO as much as possible. Hope this week is better than last week.

@dori it’s definitely a bad habit, especially when you can’t think of anything good about it. I’m happy every day that passes when I don’t watch porn, yet I end up giving in and regretting it.

I hope your week is better than last week too. :+1:


Day 5

Celebrate Recovery was good last night. A question was asked about when does someone have quiet time with God and to take a personal inventory.

I’ve been fine without any porn in my life and I think I’m going to keep it that way. I’m starting a job now so the risk of relapsing during the day is gone. Now I have to prepare for the risk of relapsing at night :night_with_stars: or in the morning.

I’m not sure what it’s going to take to quit masturbation because if I don’t masturbate I don’t go near porn. Sometimes it’s there even without porn so it’s got me puzzled. :astonished: