Convince me plz

Help me. I’m in a hotel room and my fwb is teasing me with FaceTime and says she’ll FaceTime me when she gets home.

Convince me that this is not a PMO because she is real. Only if you believe it’s not.

It’s a relapse in a sense, it’s just like porn just that you have a relationship with the person, but at the end is up to you if you consider it a relapse or not


@Damane just to get some context, we’re both from Michigan. I’m in Florida for the week. If I were in Michigan, I’m certain it would have been a real life encounter.

I’m not playing expert mode. I’m trying to ween myself off of “hardcore mature” pornhub so I can be pleased by real life milfs.

Stop messing with girls like that.
It’s a relapse in my book.
Focus on yourself. Don’t chase woman. Become the best version you could be. The women will follow you.


@Damane @edistoretto

I’ll go with majority rule. It’s a relapse.

Thank you both for not allowing me to cheat myself.

My circumstances: I do not count real-life face-to-face encounters as a relapse. Facetime is too close to porn.

If it makes it any better, I did not look at any additional material after the FaceTime call.

Add me as a companion to verify that I reset my clock: gckpl3

Thanks again the both of you


That’s good man, don’t lie yourself. I don’t count sex as a relapse neither, in fact if you can have sex while trying notfap it can make things a little easier. Good luck!


Its pretty simple bro. Fapping to Pixels ≠ Having real intercourse. At the end of the day your junk is getting hard off of pixels. If you have ever encountered PIED. It is highly advised to avoid this. It is always recommended to perform Hardmode for atleast until the reboot for better results. But to make it a little bit easier or according to the individual goals people usually allow themselves to involve in coitus. It is still fine.

Fapping over pixels is not recommeded even if it involves your parter, however if you think you might get fall for Pon and can’t hold it much longer, then it is better to involve your parter virtually rather jacking off to Pon. But again if you’re committed and determimed to nofap and think you can hold the desire to not fap for 90 days then i would say you explain this to your partner and wait. Trust me it would be worth it.

To answer your question, it is a relapse.


@krishvamsi30 thank you for your input. I thought it would have been okay, but the morning after it feels like it might as well been porn.

I didn’t fail myself by seeking porn that was not real, but I failed in another manner

Friends with benefits… Niceeee!
Man you are a real player!
Also I’m not entirely sure if face time is porn. As you said, if you were together it would have been sex. I don’t consider phone call with your intimate partner as porn.


I’m convincing myself that it is a relapse. It decreases my chances of staying hard during real sex. I want to do my best to increase my chances of staying as hard as I can during the real thing

No shortcuts except enhancements which I’ve never taken but I’ve heard that I don’t recommend as well. So the only thing left is practicing Nofap on monk mode for at least 90 days. There are several members in this community who have faced the same issue. So the best solution is what I’ve mentioned going cold turkey for 90 days forget a about fapping to pixels either with po*n or other way around.

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I have almost no desire to watch porn. My motivation is every day of success, I will perform better with the real women in my life.

Anytime I think I have an urge, I put my phone in ‘panic’ mode which locks me out of completely. Because it was a real person I’m actually sexually involved with, I thought it would be like saying no to sex.

I know if my dick game deteriorates I will lose the real-life opportunities. If that happens, I’ll be back to killing my sex drive.

It’s time to not make any excuses, even if they look like blurry. Just no excuses anymore!