Control your fetish

Hi guys!

So I have a fetish called Wetlook. Even as a young boy I always liked wearing elegant clothes like shirts and ties and also getting soaked in them. I have never really watched normal porn either, only fetish videos. However, it wasn’t really a problem until recently. Nowadays I just randomly put on my suits and start fapping at home.
My question is can you give me some advice how to keep it under control? I just get the urge all the time to do this over and over again.

Thanks in advance.


I may not be the best person to give advice here because I don’t really have anything I would qualify as a fetish past just a general lust for women (which of course is unhealthy and terrible, just that it’s one I’m assuming every other nofapper has to deal with), but nonetheless I would like to give you my 2 cents. :slightly_smiling_face:
From what I know, we must deal with fetishes the way we deal with other urges and addicting habits.
First, try to understand it as best you can. The way I think about it is to actually attempt to talk to your innerself. Ask yourself why you find pleasure in it, where it started, how it happens, what starts it, all the specifics around it, and let an answer come forth from your inner you. Make sure you’re completely honest with yourself, no matter how ugly the truth is
Next, now that you know what it is and what brings it on, watch for it. I don’t know how your fetish works so I can’t say what this means, but maybe before you go into the bathroom to shower or bath, strip down to your boxers so you aren’t tempted to go in with your clothes or something like that (again, I don’t know)
Then, act on it. Try to form a habit of seeing when you want it, and resisting it early so you don’t come face to face with it. A lot of people think that abstenance comes from having a strong will to resist it, but real abstinence comes from knowing how weak you are and avoiding the fights you can’t win (that’s only speaking in terms of raw willpower). So, make sure you can see it coming and stop it as early as possible.
Hopefully that helps. Good luck and stay strong brother, we’re all cheering you on.


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