Control it or it will control you

Never sit idle. Channelize your energy into doing something creative or productive.
You can do anything like clean your room. And if your room is already clean, visit your mother or grandmother or a close friend, help them with cleaning or with anything. Or you can learn how to cook a nice dish and invite your contacts at home. Or read a good book, learn a new skill or go to the gym. There are so many activities you can do to channelize your energy.
The worst thing that can happen to us is when we feel our the energy inside us is controlling us. You must learn to control and channelize your energy or else the energy will control you and it will make you go through unwanted ways to release itself off you. And once it leaves you via unwanted/undesirable outlets, you will feel bad about what happened. So time to control your energy by finding productive and creative ways to release the beast in you.