Consequence Challenge... Dare to do...! đź’Ş

Why I want to create a group -

_This is for Everyone, Beginner to Expert level… _

Once we relapse, we fall back into old pattern… and this is for a "Reminder for your Commitment"
So, When you Relapse, it’s time to follow consequences

*it’s totally based on resetting the counter / relapse… (for PMO or even if you want to quit edging you can reset the counter)…

The biggest mistake people make when quitting porn is not setting any consequences for a reset.

What is the Consequences?
A consequence is a simple thing you determine ahead time that you will commit to doing if you have a reset. (A reset is when you have a failure or cross a bottom line with pornography or masturbation and have to reset your day counter to zero.)
a consequence, is a reminder of boundary that was crossed.

Benefits of Setting a Consequence

  • Reinforces the boundary you set for yourself

  • It shows your wife, girlfriend, or accountability partner/other companion that you are taking this seriously

  • It gets you in the habit of analyzing what went wrong. (Where did I get triggered? Why did I choose to blow past my boundaries?)

  • Each day you follow through on the consequence you get to think about it

  • Keep in mind this penance act is not the source of our forgiveness

  • It helps the reset be more meaningful

Choosing a Consequence

  • It should be somewhat painful
  • There should be some cost (time, money, giving something up)
  • It should be something that can be implemented immediately
  • I like a consequence that has a time period (how many days)
  • It can be positive: checking in each day with a partner, making calls, men’s group(this competition)

Take Action

  • Take some time right now and think about a consequence you could set this week/month (It should scare you a little)
  • Set it and make it so you can’t wiggle out of it
  • Tell you wife or accountability partner and update here
  • Explain what will happen if you reset
  • If there is a way for them to help you follow through ask for their help ahead of time

After a Reset

  • Check in and come clean with those in your life who are supporting you or in this Competition you can
  • Implement the consequence
  • Keep going until the consequence is fully complete, then set a new one

As you get good at setting consequences (and following through) your stretches will be longer. Every time you reset you have an opportunity to learn what works for you and make the necessary changes to your plan. If you’re still resetting a lot raise the stakes.

What this Challenge is about?

Challenge is about “how serious you are for Nofap?” and how consistent you’re in following this Consequences after relapse?"

What you need to do?
Well, First of all "you need to write/ “set the Slipping Boundaries”( circumstances which made you relapse in past) and Inform A.P , your wife or anyone you can trust.

Before Relapse, you need to make a commitment what will be the consequences if you relapse/reset the counter? then
when you relapse you need to report here everyday or weekly(it shows how serious you are for this Nofap by following the consequence)

Example of Consequence;-

  • if you hate doing… your wife/mother help then it can be consequence for certain period
  • if you are not Socialize then you must talk to at-least 2 person strangers everyday, for certain period.
  • if you’re using your laptop/PC/mobile when you’re alone and it is trigger for you then you must not use your laptop/Pc/mobile or any gadget when you’re alone, you must be in surrounded by other people

Rules :-

  1. Every companion(whoever join here) need to Update their Consequence before relapse with their Current goal (after relapse what they gonna do) with deadline…
  • Current goal must be more than 10days & deadline can’t be less than 15days…
  1. After every Relapse we have to take commitment (what will be Consequence if I Relapsed … Days) if anyone failed before last Consequence Completion then he have to follow both current Consequence as well as past Consequence until the deadline…
  2. No companion can use same consequence task more than 1 time…(it should get harder or somewhat painful every single time you reset)
  • Consequences must be clear to everyone what task you gonna do if you relapse… more the confusion more chances of cheating with yourself… there must be no confusion
  1. if any companion eliminated more than 3 times(even after joining again) from this Challenge then he is not allowed to join this Challenge again…
  2. if anyone is out(eliminated) of this challenge he can join only after a month gap…(remember rule no. 4)
  3. No one is allowed to misbehave with anyone here…
  4. One who don’t follow this rules, will get 2 warnings and after 2nd warning, he will be eliminate from this challenge…
  5. please don’t join whoever only wants to abstain from P* and don’t care about Masturbation…
  6. Inactivity is Not allowed you should mention when you’ll report weekly or daily… one who is not updating is directly eliminate from this competition.
  7. If anyone failed to follow the (after Relapse/counter reset) consequence (decided by him/her) continuously 3 consecutive days then he will directly eliminate from this challenge…!

Format of the Report

Report :- (its just an example)
{*Everything before Relapse you have to tell the Consequences…}

(:point_down: Before Relapse format)
Explain what will happen if you reset / relapse??
Consequence : If i will relapse after 30days, i will quit using phone for 30days…
Current streak - xxx days
Sharing code - xxxx

(after Relapse format :point_down:)
"After Relapse Attendance" for following consequence
Date: 11th March 2020(any format you can use)
Sharing code - xxxx
Current streak - xx days
Consequence :i will quit using phone for 30days…
Followed today: :white_check_mark: / :negative_squared_cross_mark:
kindly mention it when you gonna update this report :point_up_2:t2:… After relapse… Weekly/daily


Consequence will be harder day by day

In the End
Only “3 Companion” will be declared as "Winner"
1st - King
2nd - Legend
3rd - SuperHero

{only those who follow rules and consistent in following consequences}


Sorry brother @Cubenix ,
I think you didn’t understood the concept of this Challenge…
It’s related to “reset the counter when you Relapse”…
Before that we have to commit that if I relapse or reset the counter I will do… xxxxxxxx :point_left: this
That’s the consequence Challenge… How much serious you’ll be in following consequence or for Nofap…!!

It’s not related to exercise habit currently(because many people good at it and if you choose in which you’re good then its not the consequence, you must remove the things for certain period which you love doing it or it will help you some way…)
but soon I will add exercise habit to this competition…
Btw Whatever you posted it’s not the format of the report

You dont have to wait for the major Urge
It’s like setting a goal for Nofap free and clean days for certain period(When you set a goal you have to tell the consequence) and if I Relapse in between period I will follow the consequence(it must scare you little) so that you’ll feel that it’s worth not to relapse … Otherwise I have to follow the consequence

The more you keep the consequence to yourself or few people the more chances that you can cheat them…

Okay sure I just added my credentials aswell, okay then lemme retry in entry :

Consequence : If I don’t make it the next 30 days on Nofap, I am gonna chat to random strangers being it on the forum, reality where ever for a month.
Current streak - 101 days

kindly write more clearly, how your freedom taken away by doing which task?

Meh this is not really for me then I withdraw from the challenge. I am sorry I have thought that my first consequence was good enough and all the others.

Way to complicated to start off properly…

I don’t want badmouth the challenge. Great concept just too much how can I say properly too overly controlled. No offence. Good luck tho!

It’s not complicated unless you read everything which is written above it describes everything…
It’s Best for whoever join this competition…
Honesty is the key of this competition…
I think it’s not overly controlled but it controls you from relapsing and reset the counter…

Whoever Thinks its way too much Complicated for them
I am starting this Challenge by participating Myself …

Report :-

Explaining what will happen if you reset / relapse??
Consequence : If i Relapse / Reset the Counter within 10 days(my current goal), I will quit drinking cold drinks/juices/coffee and outside junk food for 30 days(consequence deadline)…
Current streak - 19 days
Sharing code - uce8d1

after this post, i will report again… when i will relapse;
then i will start Attendance of my Consequence daily… by following the format written above

(after Relapse format :point_down:)
"After Relapse Attendance" for following consequence
Date: dd mm yyyy(any format you can use)
Sharing code - xxxx
Current streak - xx days
Consequence : …
Followed today: :white_check_mark: / :negative_squared_cross_mark:


consequences : if i relapse/reset the counter within 15 days. I will
reduce uses of my phone. I will use only for one hour in a day and i won’t eat any fast food, pani puri, briyani, patieze for 4 weeks.
Current streak : 5days
My goal is 20 days. It’s 5th day. 15 days have left.


Consequence : If I Relapse / Reset the Counter within 15 days (my current goal) , I will not watch any movie/web series/YouTube videos for 30 days…
Current streak - 2 days


What is your highest streak?

103 days…

How is your streak going? Koi difficulty to nhi aa rhi h na streak me.

New Rule has been Created :loudspeaker::loudspeaker:

whoever joins new

Please Follow the Rules written above👆🏻…


As I Relapsed after 20days 23hrs

I am following the consequences


"After Relapse Attendance" for following consequence
Date: 13th March 2020
Sharing code - uce8d1
Current streak - 0 day
Consequence : If i Relapse / Reset the Counter within 10 days(my current goal) , I will quit drinking cold drinks/juices/coffee and outside junk food for 30 days(consequence deadline) …
Followed today: :white_check_mark:
I will update daily

It feels very bad because I can’t live without coffee and juice… And the junk food :pensive: but I have taken a commitment

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Consequence : If I Relapse / Reset the Counter within 15 days (my current goal) , I will not watch any movie/web series/YouTube videos for 30 days…
Current streak - 3 days

@Martial_Beast you don’t need to write everyday,
Only after Relapse we have to do… Either weekly or daily…
It will show that are we following the consequence or not

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Consequence : If I Relapse / Reset the Counter within 15 days , I will not listen my favorite songs and watch music videos which i use to listen daily for 15 days.
Current streak - 0 days
My goal - 30 days


@sikandar2907 @Martial_Beast
Do you remember the reasons/in which circumstances you Relapsed in past journey ? (:point_left:t2:This is the slipping boundaries)
If that repeats kindly reset the counter…
That way you won’t repeat same mistake again…
If you found that you are on the edge of the boundaries…
Switch off the internet whole day…!! (Use only in emergency)

And whenever you Relapse… That means your “why” is weaker to battle this PMO addiction…
:point_right:t2: Search the “selfish reason” to eliminate this PMO addiction from life… Because external reasons won’t help for long term journey…
E.g of external reasons:- wife, g.f, job etc you’ll get this one day…! These won’t help when you’re alone.

I would recommend you to write how you feel/every thoughts comes in your mind either false beliefs or negative words you use every day… After your Relapse…!! That way it can be easier to find the “WHY” in your life…!!

Remind this Consequence to you everyday what will happen if you Reset the counter/Relapse?


Whoever think that Consequences is Punishment,

I would say No,
a consequence, is a reminder of boundary that was crossed when you relapsed… When you don’t know your boundaries then you continuously relapse day after day…
And when you noted down the reason/in which circumstances you Relapsed in past journey… then you acknowledge the boundaries if you cross that boundaries definitely you Relapse & this side you’ll be safe…
You can say that Consequences are like a filter for your life when you touch the boundary you get warning… And it’s better to step back…

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