Confused Gay Christian

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Why I want a companion
Wonder if anyone here is in the similar situation as mine:
Feeling confused about my sexuality since 12, when I started watching gay porn. As a Christian, I was taught not to fantasize about women, and turned out I am now fantasizing about men. I tried to find why I am like this way, maybe I have been questioning myself about my masculinity and wanting to find someone to help me with that. Anyway I think I’m addicted to gay porn now, and also to masturbation. I have been really confused but I don’t have the courage to tell anyone in person around me.

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I faced kind of this months ago. Because of porn addiction after months consuming I started watching gay contents and it caused me several confusions. Fortunately I’m free from masturbation problems and I’m in my highest streak far from pornography. There are several people who live and face the same problem but it’s possible to be free and be rewired from addiction and all shame you might be feeling. Feel free to add me and message me if you want, but start putting God first in everything you do and feel, it will be easier with His help.

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