Confused about eggs 🍳



I live in india in northern plains.I used to eat white eggs in winter season. Last week i watched a video on youtube about eggs. It changed my mind & i quited eggs. Today when i saw my bro. eating ommelete, it gave me urges to buy eggs. Now i am confused because the video
claimed followings points :

  1. It compared Eggs of hen to women eggs (ovaries) they say it contains women harmone & is not good for man.
  2. It said that some hens gets sick in cages & eggs of sick hens are sent to market. We get sick by eating those eggs. The caged environment is not hens natural environment. The hatchery owners give hens injections of steroids so that they could get more eggs out of it. Usualy a hen lays around 30 eggs in a year but a hen in hatchery gives 700 eggs in a year.

So, what are your views over this topic ?
Should i eat eggs or not ?


brother I eat 3eggs per day so since 5 years as I workout 6 days a week eggs are good for health

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I eat 2 eggs daily, its really good protein intake for my workout, eggs are good for men :muscle:

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hey resurgent. I hope I may replay (I guess it is not one of our typical angry-debate-topics :sweat_smile:)
It is something that is often discussed in Switzerland. So, maybe I can give some insights

We here have the options to choose between different quality of eggs.
The cheapest quality comes from hens similar to the ones in the picture (officially not as bad since it is for bidden to keep them in cages). They are fed with antibiotics, growth hormones and stuff for maximum profit. and the eggs are very cheap

On the other end we can buy eggs from hens which can go outside, have grass there. No antibiotics or steroids can be used for enhancing the quality. They have space and time. Basically organic eggs.

Since I can’t support hens which are kept in cages, fed with antibiotics and stuff and also since I don’t wanna eat that I only buy organic meat, eggs, milk etc. it is more than double the price but I decided that I prefer eating less of them but good quality instead of a lot of bad quality stuff

So, I don’t think that eggs in general are good or bad. It is more the quality of the eggs which decides how good or bad they are


Where to get organic eggs in india ?

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Brother don’t take raw opinions from random people especially when it comes to such a serious topic.Don’t even believe what the fuck i am going to say to you.What i want you to do is go and read the studies that have been done by profesional nutritional scientists.
Download ebook:

If you want the fucking truth go and search it for yourself.


I have no idea @Resurrection


Good point.

I think in the end it is also about how willing you are to go without something tasty to maybe become healthier. I really like the conclusion of the wiki link you provided:

The authors conclude that people who eat a predominantly whole-food, plant-based diet—avoiding animal products as a main source of nutrition, including … will escape, reduce, or reverse the development of numerous diseases

Most of the time balance is a really good way to go. It is just too hard to investigate whether veganism is better or not. Because in the end it depends on so many things. There is also good and bad vegan food. We had a local farmer near my town focusing on organic vegetables. After years someone found out that the soil was full of toxic materials from the last century. So, in the end his organic vegetables where something of the unhealthiest thing you can eat. So, even the soil your vegetables grow in, the air, the herbicides and pesticides which are used can influence how good or bad they are

(as a tiny side note. The china study is published 2005. So it is already almost 14 years old. Some of the findings might not be current state of knowledge. For example they conclude that every uptake of cholesterol above 0 mg is unhealthy"
More recent studies suggest that High density (HDL) cholesterol is healthy while Low density LDL cholesterol is unhealthy
The China studies revealed a lot of new information about nutrition and food though. So nothing against the study)


Actually the more you abstain from animal products the more your taste changes and you are starting to enjoy your vegies more.

I am sure you haven’t read the studies.
In the end you don’t need million studies to show you that veganism is the way to go.You can feel those benefits in your whole body,you can see your blood tests getting better.

Ofcourse if you are eating toxic vegetables you probably going to do more harm than good.Also if you aren’t eating a variety of whole grain plant based foods you will damage your health.

Your body is making as much cholesterol as it need.It doesn’t need more or less.
These studies just promote the animal products industry.But if you know any study with hardcore proofs i will happily read it.:slight_smile:

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Well sth to note though if you are on plant based diet u get zero B12 , so dont forget to take supplements or else u will have neurological diseases :wink:

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The only organisms to produce vitamin B12 are certain bacteria, and archaea. Some of these bacteria are found in the soil around the grasses that ruminants eat.They are taken into the animal, proliferate, form part of their gut flora, and continue to produce vitamin B12.
Some will argue that you can get B12 from chlorella or “dirty produce,” and that before modern agricultural practices there was more B12 in the soil.
So you aren’t getting enough B12 from a plant based diet due to the modern agricultural practices.
But you can take supplements or eat fortified foods like soya milk and at the same time take the benefits of the diet and avoid B12 defiency.

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You are right my dear friend… I should take my experience & knowledge to deal with any food i am consuming.

For now, i have decided to not eat eggs.
Thanks all.


At least for the health issue, you should be fine of you cook the eggs. I mean, it is the same woth meat : it is not recommended to eat it when it is not cooked because of sanitary danger. Same with eggs.
Then for the other parts, you buy the eggs so if it bothers you that the hens live in less than 1 square meter, change the brand of eggs you buy. It will maybe be more expensive but I think you can fond one that guarantees good living conditions for the chicken.
As for the feminine hormones in eggs, I really do not know but honestly mate it really seems like bullshit to me so I would recommend you do a bit of research about it.
Eggs are a great source of nutrients, they are very healthy if consumed properly and in good quantities. They especially contain lots of protein, very good for muscles and blood. So think twice before saying you won’t ever eat eggs again :yum:.
Whatever after all it’s only your choice however make sure you are not misinformed.
Good luck bro :fire:


I will buy eggs only if i fall sick or in very cold day.

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On a side note, egss are really a healthy and nutritious food in a diet. They are like seeds. The whole complete substance that will grow into a towering tree or mejastic animal. They have everything that we need as an organism in the most pure form. You can’t get that from anything else.

There’s no female hormones in the eggs. That’s so stupid. IF there’s, the hens should have more of the hormones than the eggs. The hormones are used by the hens to ensure its body systems create healthy eggs in a perfect and suitable environment, not to dissolve in the eggs for no reason, and l don’t think it enters dissolve in the eggs. I’m just a medical grad not a zoologist. Also most of these disintegrate in our digestive tract before they get into the circulation. That’s why we are not what we eat. We consume the chicken so what’s in the chicken to be us.

The discussion is mainly about outside influences on the eggs. Either the handlings after the hatching, or the food and the health of the hens in the farm, the environment of the farm etc.

I myself don’t see difference between organic and non organic in eggs, if any, it maybe not as much unless if somebody can really make a reliable research and show the concrete differences.

But, a rule of thumb, natural food is always more complex, whole and nutritious with less tampering than synthetic or processed ones. As we like to make a really enticing delicacy, sometimes we change the colour, the texture, the smell the taste etc for different reasons. So healthy or not healthy is quite not easy to answer esp with pompous websites exaggerating facts. We need to check the reality of the industry in our time, the company that’s selling it to the public, the agenda behind different researches, it seems a lot of work, while there’s nothing we can exactly point to say it’s not healthy, except all of it looks natural, clean and there’s no toxicity.


Watch a movie name killing animals all your doubt will be clear. Thank me later.


I didnt find this movie on youtube or yify.
So what is your point ?


I am sorry its name is Eating animals .
Go search this on yify.
I hope it helps.

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Thanks for this movie arpit. It opened my eyes.

I will never eat eggs or meat in future.