Confused about benefits of nofap?

I can’t sleep w/o fapping…what to do friends???

Stand up, exercise for 20 mins, till you are sweating barely able to walk or lift anything. Take bath, go to bed. I bet you will get better sleep than masturbation can give, and in a month, you will have the best physique you have had in lifetime.

Damage is not in masturbation itself as much as it is in, what other things you could do in that time.


I find meditating before and as I’m in bed helps me fall asleep. Also keep electronic devices away. I also do know that eating and drinking before bed can keep you awake. I believe the cut off line for eating and drinking is like 4 hours beforehand. Give it a try along with the exercising that @Navosh suggested.

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Don’t sleep. What’s the big deal? It’s not ideal but still better than using porn to sedate you. You have extra energy so it’s natural that it will keep you up at night. You can find productive and enjoyable ways to tire yourself during the day. In time your body-mind will adjust. May be if you stop worrying about not getting it could even help you relax and go to sleep sooner.


I call it 《 Test of Sleep 》
During this Journey, Many hurdles & Test will come. This journey is not easy as you think that you stop masturbating and you will start receiving benefits.

This journey prepare our ass for the beatings . By that i mean that by learning to deal with negative emotions without fapping we can make ourself INVINCIBLE :weight_lifting_man: