Confession to start my journey

First, i apologize for my bad english. Second, i’m new in here and i want to share my story to begin this journey. Here i go

My first introduction to porn (and fap) was 8 years ago when i still in my final year of middle school. This then became addiction a year later when i reach highschool and it grow even worse every years. I reach the point where i fap 2 times or more a day (my longest strike is 7 times a day). Not just my intensity is increasing, my fetish grow weirder and weirder and finally i begin to can’t fap without watching some intense porns.
Next, in my college years, this addiction started to affect my life. I must bust a nut or two so that i can fall asleep every night or when i feel stressed with my life. Then i tried to throw myself in every possible activities in my college. It work but still not very effective when i alone in my room for a long time.
And finally, because this pandemic and social distancing, i can’t go away from my room and i can’t stop myself from pleasuring myself. My fetishes become weirder and werider to the point i start to hate myself because i like it. My productivity drop drastically and this become a fuel to my self-hate. Last night, my frustation reached its peak and i began to change myself. I deleted all my porn-related data in my homestation, smartphone, and clouds. I try to remember every accounts i made in some adult-websites and delete it. I think play store know my addiction and recommend this app for me. Immediately i install this app and love the concept.
For now my goals is 1 month and to cope this journey, my plan is to learn another programming languanges and do some exercises for my body. My biggest obstacle i think is my hobby to read mangas (you know mangas right now full of that thing). I hope it didnt affect my goals and i hope i can life without porn for a solid year or the years later.

Sorry for my long rant because i dont know where i must share this (i ashamed to share this with my family and i dont know if any of my friends share the same goals with). Finally, wish me luck!


We are here help you bro. I can understand your feelings, do not worry. You can beat this addiction.


Thanks bro, glad i can join this wonderful group.


Let’s finally do this man!


Keep up the intensity.

And remember my words :-

Never look back at them again. If success in NoFap is what you are seeking.


You are in the right place to find your way to change! Have faith for one day to reach a life you ought to live.
Welcome here brother!

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Hey! I hope the journey you started allow you to gather the salvation you want to attain.

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