Confession of a shipwrecked




Welcome Brother. I’m sure u will tame the dragon and become the man you were destined to be.

Here some advice:

  • Never peek
  • Don’t Edge
  • Delete your nasty accounts

Thank you so much, Barbatos. You don’t know what your kind words and support means to me… I’m grateful! :open_hands::pray::raised_hands:


Never think “I’m a porn addict”, forget the past. Instead make a mental model that “I’m not the person who watches porn or faps”


Appreciated :grin: but I’m sirious about it. Most relapses can be boiled down to these mistakes.
People here overcome their pride and share their experiences so unless we really take them sirious we might as well read blank paper.
Take your time here in the forum… Read the discussions and journals… if you allow yourself to learn from the mistakes others made, you will leave your dim past behind in no time.

BTW if you have a partner make love your motive and purpose. Be grateful for the love you have and cherish it. In this journey there are a lot of lonsesome warriors who have to struggle alone without no light to guide them.


Thank you for the support, again :raised_hands:
Yeah i think i have to do this cleverly, like remove triggers, blocking websites and people who I think can serve as triggers for me. And edging…well thats halfway into streak breaking. Not for me. I don’t want to cleverly justify my actions.
Im glad that i have a purpose to fight, as we all have one. I really thank you for the advice, brother. It sounds like you talk with experience. Gotta keep on keepin it on!

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You are absolutely right! So right! Thank you


Yeah feel you on this one brother, one of the reason I do this nofap is for my soul as well, we must be become real man and get our souls back


Beautiful words my friend.
Many people go through this and don’t even realize how bad it is for their lives.
I was taught that it is a man thing, that it is natural and it was unconcievable to deny yourself this pleasure.
How wrong I was and how low it has led me…


I don’t know if you have or not, but you need to be honest with your woman.

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You can’t go back and do a fresh start, but you can always start now and make the ending great.


@Arslan21 your avatar looks quite badass :ok_hand: