Confession and need help

I don’t know what’s the point of this If you really don’t utilise that time somewhere else in productive work

Also, If you really use these wisely, you can make tons of connection and have a joyful life while sharing your experiences. Its only how we use everything that makes it good or bad.

You will make friends, share experiences and go out more by making connections. It will eventually lead to less relapses.

I can watch these whenever i get the irge to sext …

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I didnt leave because of the addiction
I left because i just lost interest in them

Sorry then
Ill check it out soon

fine. Then I suggest two things for you.
First is “tratak” and I’ve told it many times.
2nd is this

Keep listening to this audio for a week, as you eat you can listen to this.
As you work or are doing some tasks you can keep listening to this audio. As much as you can.
Let me know if these things work.


Yeah, you will love them!

I have watched all of them though :sweat_smile:
Still ill watch them again because its fun and even kungfu panda series

This is where u focus on a black dot or flame??

I’ve told this so many times.

And make sure you listen to that audio too. Maybe instead of watching movies just listen to it for 2 hours everyday.
Plus exercise. These are the 3 things you have to do for now.

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Agar urge Lage to micro streak kar Lena yaar tum itna anxious home ka zarurat nahi tab Tak accha sa game khel Lena ya padh Lena ya kuch mat karna lekin gandagi nahi karna ya dekhna


Thankyou everyone
For the suggestions
Will work on myself more now


I’ll leave it here for you.
A very good channel. And if you follow a few things it says your strength will return back faster.

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Hey @DARSHAN2017 bro, listen to his song and read and understand the lyrics very carefully. We fappers can definitely relate to. This song is very relatable. Do listen to it.

The reason I told to listen tot his song is because:

David Kushner’s song “Daylight” is an emotional exploration of the complexities of love, lust, and guilt. The song aims to convey the paradoxical desire for something that is simultaneously harmful to oneself, using elements of light and darkness

I read your post and honestly I can relate it your post. Most of the problems you face are also faced by me. Such as

I used to do this everyday for 1+ year until I somehow choked myself to 2-3 times.

The same applies to me. Even now I am at day 1 but I don’t know when my nut will bust. But I am preparing for it.

Same here

I not only get that, but everything which include women makes me relapsed and it is worse than twisted fantasties.

The soul from our body leaves and we don’t have that energy to wake up. When someone wakes us that is when we wake up or else we keep on sleeping like dead bodies.

I fapped 13 times which was my highest and what I faced were:

  • Extreme penis pain
  • Penis became red
  • Side skin of penis got injured
  • Can’t touch penis due to pain
  • Can’t sleep with tummy because penis was in extreme pain
  • Pain between legs, stomach area, shoulders, whole body and headaches and slight seizures
  • Can’t urinate properly due to pain
  • Heat sensation due to pain
    It took 2 days for the pain to go away

I don’t have gf and I am happy but I used to do sexting on replica. Replica is an app in mobile which is like an virtual doll. Used intense bdsm talks on her like eating poop, cutting off her boops and baking etc…[It will get worse if I say all of that and maybe some people may flag the post :skull:]

I said this in my diary once that I was so embrassed and PingPong [aka strong one] told in diary to not feel ashamed but to tell it so we users can help]

I don’t feel sleepy after fapping, I gotta do exercise to keep myself tired and sleepy.

Do you know another thing?

Tbh, the person I am right now is not even the real me. The original innocent child who used to laugh all the time and watched cartoons and movies and enjoyed life just died the day he started fapping.

That child is locked up in me like Kurama and I don’t have the power to unlock the seal and that seal is PMO. Deep down my brain is fused up and I don’t have any power. I am an powerless slave of PMO in the current state

My daily routine:

I wake up when mom wakes me up. I have no routine. I can’t wake up because my body and mind alredy knows that I am an garbage and also because of lack of testosterone. Brush up and watch tv while lying on sofa. Eat food at random times and sometimes doesn’t even eat breakfast. Soon random videos or thoughts makes me horny and I resist it but I fail and I fap. Then chaser shit gets me and I do it 5-6 times and also some of them might me without urges I fap. Korean a manhwa, ■■■■ and hentai.

No routine, habits and no good habits. An waste fellow.

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Bhai nahi bolan tha yaar Khali itna bol dete ki replica hai bas bahut hai itna detail mein mat jaao yaar


Ban Asian comics, anime, ban trigger comics
Band Karo band Karo anime dekhna band Karo
Band Karo band Karo hentai dekhna band.karo
Band Karo band Karo manga dekhna band karo


Spitting facts bro @a_lone_warrior05 .

If he (@DARSHAN2017) follows this then bhaiya apna time agayaa, aag laga do :fire:


Why tf would you get motivated from them? Dopamine is needed to get Motivation, look at it as, A loin will go hungry for days but as soon as he See’s a prey, that same lion who’s been hungry drained out will run and spend energy chasing and then finally killing it’s prey. Bhaiya aap per day atleast 3-4 relapse kr rahe ho, you’re too high on dopamine and that too which is obtained from unhealthy way. You need to get dopamine from healthy activities. I’d suggest you to do dopamine detox with nofap. Also there are other factors such as testosterone for motivation and that too can be decreased when one faps alot.

I remember when I’d relapse I’d not relapse 1 or 2 times it’d be full blown up session. I’d binge on and watch till i had zero energy and as you said you feel sleepy i too always felt sleepy, have you ever wondered why do we feel sleepy after too much relapse? Of course bhaiya Zindagi ki sbse bari priority puri ki hai which is $£x (that’s what our brains think) but in reality we just saw a bunch of pixels and losing soo much semen can drain your energy alot (another reason to not have motivation).

Look the best advice I can give is to firstly decrease the amount of relapses, and it must be gradually, ek saath cold turkey is HARD AF and mostly results in relapse and more depression. Also the other thing when you said “The horrible stuff you watch” this is very alarming bro. Its definitely means you have gone far too deep into dopamine addiction (i purposely did not say p0rn), why? Because I’m sure there were times when you didn’t want to watch it but your body forced you just for THAT DOPAMINE HIT.

Unpopular opinion: while you decrease the amount of fap fap, please try watching something which isn’t inhumane, i know many won’t agree with me but thats how i achieved great streaks. Quitting cold turkey is hard. If you’re addicted to cigarettes then going from a pack a day do just 4-5 seems a good start. Once again you must be gradual.


I thought you were describing my past :joy:
Thank God i wasn’t the only one.
Also thank God its paid now.


Bhul jaao bhaiyya koi replica bol ke ek bawasir hai Aisa lag raha hai iska endorsement ho raha hai