Confession and need help

Bro think that your last relapse was your final relapse, don’t get afraid of future urges , you can deal with them. We don’t procrastinate because of laziness most of the time it’s because of the fear, the fear of failure.

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girlfriend available for sexting is a trigger.
It is very similar to readily available ■■■■
It’s something very readily available to you.
So I’d suggest you to tell her this.

I have been in relation for more than 4 years now
3 yrs being long distance
And sexting started last year and roughly we have done it more than 5 times
The reason i shared even this is because this is one way i relapse
And sexting is never from her side
Its always me who initiates it
And if at all stop sexting too
She wouldnt have any issues regarding the same
All the matters to her is giving her a bit of time atleast which goes from 10 mins to 30 mins and rarely an hour
So inshort she is fine whether or not sexting happens

And yeah we did send nudes just once but we decided to delete them
Because i didnt want to use them everytime the urge hit
So i myself deleted all the material on the same day and asked her to do the same

Plus for sexting she agreed to only for me
Because somewhere i got convinced that its better than watching ■■■■ and mastrubating and thats what i conveyed it to her and thats when she agreed to cooperate to this once in a while

But now i feel bad regarding this is because i realised that im using this as a substitute for the current addiction

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bro if you have such a loving girlfriend then why are you behind the pixels?
Would you keep doing it even after being married to her?

Bro in the first 3 posts i already mentioned
That these days it isnt ajout watching ■■■■ or reading erotica
Sometimes i dont need any of these to relapse
And other times i look for painful amd shocking type content
Which i dont wanna specify so that it doesnt trigger any one or doesnt make them curious

Plus i dont wanna keep doing it
But its just that im not able to come out of it
Whatever i try new habit
I just dont get interest in any because of excessive addiction to phone and pmo and tv and anime

It’s actually a cue bro! Cue is something that reminds you something, and seting is a bad cue, it reminds you of se which causes another pmo session. You guys were in long distance relationship for 3 years, long distance doesn’t work most of the time, i assume that you guys love each other so much, become better bro, stop making her indirect reason of your relapses.


solution lies in the problem itself then.
try to emulate some character you might admire.
Something like this

Just trying to explain
That sexting has happened hardly 4 to 5 times in last 1 year and each time it has led to relapse
But its because i initiated and if i control myself a bit then sexting wouldnt even occur

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This is the most that i watch always while eating
U show me a clip ill tell the story line (most of the time)

I have left all social media long back ( had only fb and snap)
Other than WhatsApp and youtube

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This might work for some 1
The issue with me is
I donot admire any one
Be it anime character or movie star etc
No actor or actress
I dont knw why
I just watch things for their story line

Usko bhi chup se delete kar Dene ka woh to aur bada galat jagah hai triggers ka

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ok for a start.
You can stop watching things which aren’t much useful to you.
You can instead watch something like this.

you don’t have to admire any actors.
Just a character who doesn’t give up.

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Its been two years for fb and 1 year for snap
I have deleted them

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Wah Bhai wah yeh hua kuch baat
Aur kya yeh sexting wexting karne ka
Baatein karna hai to meme bhejo

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what can motivate you then?
I told things which motivate me, I guess it is not the same for everyone.
I guess your gf motivates you?
In that case why don’t you tell her about your addiction?

Im immune to motivational videos and stuffs
Joke aside
I domt get motivated with all these
Sorry brother
But still ill give try watching the video

it is not a motivational video.
It is a real incident.
That man was a monster and he fought against some extreme odds

Cool, go ahead. You can watch few movies Cars 1 , 2 and 3 . Toy story 1,2,3 , you must be thinking it’s for kids, but bro these will make you emotional at the end i have myself cried many times while watching these movies! These movies doesn’t have any nu*ity nothing, pure creativity and beauty!

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