Confessing apologies to all members

Hello everyone

Hope you guys are doing well. I want to apologize :sob: to everyone for my past behaviour. I am especially apologizing to @Dvija for saying wrong and dirty things. On that day,I had proposed to a girl but she rejected me, that’s why I was very frustrated and angry and I let all that frustration and anguishing feelings to him. This also lead to relapse on my 57 days streak. Out of angry,I just fapped to images of her. I think nofap didn’t help me much, as I was watching p#rn and erotic content at YouTube thinking it won’t affect me. In some part I was successful as it didn’t cause to get turned on as it used to be once.

In my next attempt,I won’t watch anything closely related to intimacy.

Again I apologize for my past behaviour


May God bless you brother and you succeed


Oh man, feeling sorry that you relapsed, also apology accepted from my side. Now you know what was going wrong, I hope you make a clean streak this time. All the best brother. You can do this. @Roads_to_purity


Well you fucked up royally… It would’ve been better if you had told that such thing happened, maybe you wouldn’t have relapsed.

I know you might’ve heard it a thousand times, but fuck chasing women. Stop doing it. I cannot stress you much. Just wait patiently. Right girl will come by. Resist and see how many girls drool over you. Its how women react.

They want men who focus more on goals(not saying you aren’t) and literally who don’t give a fuck(atleast initially). I know its tough being single, but utilize it to better yourself.

Workout, read, socialize. I could go on. But be content with yourself first man. You don’t have to search peace outside. Its within


If find this post very right, well i’d like to add something a man’s confidence speaks for his bold character so whenever a women passes by you or slides along or just sitsor stand nearby you don’t backoff stay at the place stand there as if you don’t give a damn about her and she would get mad after you at least she would be attracted towards you. The things is to just live like a king but treat like others as a down-to-earth person. Be kind and confident. Dress decent and never brag about it. Be an alpha male :+1::+1:


Its ok man. No hard feelings. It happens sometime. But, i felt sorry to hear that you relapsed. Come back stronger.


I wish you the best guys… Leaving this forum permanently… Good luck on your journey


Its very great that you have accepted it. because many people refuse to.
start your streak again with better sight this time!


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