Compulsive Information seeking

Currently I’m too much obsessed with removing fapping addiction. I’m reading books, reading lot of articles that gives me insight on quitting pmo and artificial stimulation. I have got large chunk of information but I still continue to search the same thing because of my obsession and fear of missing out on info. I browse for articles for hours on mobile or laptop. I read a lot and try to feed new information or same known information to brain and keep a note of it with intention of using it later but rarely it happens because my all future time and energy is also focused on finding out new infomation of topics like how to stop pmo, how to reduce stress and other how to questions.

About this forum, I go through lot of posts and write down or remember things to implement to reduce urges or getting to know more reasons to quit pmo.

I’m starting to learn that this information seeking is itself cuasing a type of internet addiction. I do not know if anyone from forum experience this and any solution to this(my same compulsive behavior wants to seek out solution lol). God help me with this behavior also.


I think this addiction also needs to be dealt with

It’s good to have all the info about no fap, but at the same time it’s important to put that info into actions, you already have the knowledge now, what you lack is execution.
For me personally just easy peasy hackbook was enough knowledge I needed for no fap, then of course different people’s perspective on the forum helps.


For me it has become a new source of dopamine. Finding new information about no fapping and not using existing known info ones first like exercise.

I have known the benefits of exercise since long time regarding health and all, but I have never started it.


This part is good. You can make it a habit, find one thing for no fap motivation daily

But this part is no good, exercise is most important and it gives you awesome feeling once you make it a habit. Just start doing exercise, start slow, keep a particular goal like weight loss or muscle gain, you will love it.

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Brother if you feed information again and again to your brain then brain informations will overflow… You’ll start forgetting things… Which you read long time ago.
So, it’s better to write it somewhere physically then digitally.
For internet addition try digital detoxification.
It is really helpful to balance the dopamine and other chemical in our brain.

Use physical diary more for any important information you read.
More you write more you remember…

Good day :+1:

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Okk, thanks.
I have blocked some sites today to avoid overuse of internet



For my case it was not specifically in regards to nofap information, but just general random information seeking. I learned about it a little from a psychologist’s podcast. He explained that some of us people are wired to look for information more so than others, because our brains love adding new information, even if sometimes it is not applied, or even useless.

I don’t have a ‘cure’ for this, but here’s something that might help:
Focus on learning about yourself. Don’t search the internet, just search your own life through prayer, meditation and self reflection. The things you learn about yourself will certainly be useful.

Also, as @Adioz_aka_Adidas suggested with using physical paper for writing, I recommend it for reading. The internet is designed to give quick, interesting attention grabbing tiny bits of information. It is all about getting you to click on the next thing.
If you read it in a book, typically the format will go deeper and generally will be better researched. Not only that, but the temptation to click on the next website is not there for books. Try to read more slowly and deeply, focusing on how the information applies to you. I also suggest re-reading a book to see how much you remembered, or to review what you applied and whether it helped.

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