Completed 90 days

hi ,
hope so you all are doing good
after a long time im posting here.
this was a hard task for me to achieve.
but i did it.
im on this app since 2018.but this is the first time ive reached 90 days
coming to the point , how i did this?
i just reduced my mobile usage time.
i used my time in my hobbies.
i used my time in religious matters.
i used my time in workouts

initially it looks very difficult but as the time passes ,it becomes easy to do.

i ve experienced withdrawl symptoms ,flat lines.
there were days when i felt motivation.

and now ive realized that ,life is very beautiful without pmo.
we can feel emotions
pmo kills our emotions.
and disturb our hormones.

so i also consulted to a doc too.
you should also consult psychiatrist.
he ll give you medications.which helped me alot getting out of it.

in the last couple of years i tried alot of things like blockers,accountability partners.
but everything failed.
getting out of this evil needs a patience.

you all can do this very easily.
our brain can repair itself .
but it takes time .which vary person to person.
90 days is just a goal .
for complete recovery it may take months to few years.
this is the blessed day of my life
you all can do this .achieve this goal and enjoy the realistic life.
pmo is the darkness ,
come out of this .
ive no words to say more.
but im hopeful that one day we ll defeat this evil.
good luck .
stay happy and focused on your task…


thank you so much and congratulations


Key factor . Nicely said. All the best and congrats for your coming journey


Heartly congratulations to you brother . Thanks for your supportive story , keep going like this :fire:


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