Completed *90 DAYS* OF NO PIZZA and *2MONTHS* OF NO JUNK FOOD even a biscuit

im very happy today ,that ive not eaten pizza for 90 days and junk for 2months …
actually i was addicted to pizza and other junks …after every relapse i ate pizza …there was severe craving …and that was very difficult for me to left…then i decided to left ,i used this TRICK that i didnt leave my stomach empty bcz craving usually occur when we are hungry .i always fullfiled my stomach with home made food .when our stomach gets full then cravings also decreases … i controlled for 1 month then after 1month there was LOCKDOWN and it became easy for me to resist myself…

…i was not fond of too much eating but stress ,pmo and other factors are responsible for food addiction


This is great! That is what we want, to improve our lives. This improvement will make you stronger to fight PMO. Don’t give up now! Keep going!!!