Complete 4 days and fall

My streak reached 4 days and then I relapsed.

Luckily I haven’t visited a P site in a week.

But desired Google images are my weakness.

I must be insane because I keep relapsing the same way

The beginning is like that. Sooner you will succeed and get a good streak.

Some tips: get rid off everything that triggers you. Delete Instagram, TikTok, Facebook (seriously, we do not need these apps even if we weren’t dealing with an addition).

Install a good P Blocker app, both in your laptop and in your cellphone.

Everytime you have a urge, do some productive stuff instead. Start studying a new language, a new hobby. Do some physical exercise.

From now on you want to be a winner. Show the world that.

Best regards.


Sadly my friend,

My urges come in the morning when I should be sleeping and lose sleep to relapse.

What helped me this time was working my 4 ten hour days in a row.

However, I do believe now that a long streak is coming. And coming next.

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Good luck brother. Feel free to call me if you need.

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