Competition till the year end

Competition ,let’s start.
Till the end of the year
My code-bc9i29


Hey i added you
Lest do this till the end of this year bro

We are already having a competition till the end of this year. See below link. Around 45 members are already competing there.

I also want to be free till year end.
This year has given only bad things atleast to me.

Let’s achieve a good thing from here.


Hii , I’ve added you. Let’s do it. Beat me if you can. Best wishes bro
Code: ekseb4

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Let’s not take it as a competition brothers we all have the same target and good thing is that we all can win easily with eachothers support. Let’s use this forum to help each other and motivate others when needed.
It is not good that any of our friend relapses and we feel happy that I won. Rather we should keep talking to each other here and help each other so that all of us win​:om::om::om::om::innocent::innocent::pray::pray::pray:

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Yes bro definitely… just because competition holds me up I viewed it like that. Sorry brother if I’ve offended you. I really don’t mean that…

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Nothing like that brother…
Ultimately we are brother we all will win. Let’s go…:om::om::om:

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You son of God, I am in.

kzp28g My code add me and get ready for the challenge

We are competing to make everyone win. A challenge is only success if all the challengers make it together. That is how our competitions work bro. :smile::smile:

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Keep going guys we will to do this

Meanwhile let’s become civilized and respect daughters.