Companions/accountability for Kings (those on 90-120 days)

It’d be great to connect with some other fellas that are around the same stage of the journey as me and to keep each other accountable.

I’m on day 106 (longest streak) and honestly this week has felt like im back at week 1 again of NoFap. It’s just been super tough…major urges. I seriously feel like im gonna cave at any moment … a part of me kinda wants to, just so i can get that release and not feel like I’m about to burst. I find myself battling in my mind, trying to justify it.

But I know thats not what I really want to do. I want to conquer this, be in control of myself, find a lovely lady to hopefully marry one day and not carry this into a relationship.
So I’m doing more exercise and trying to keep busy, but that’s tough when I’m in stage 4 lock down.
(To clarify, I have no issues with P atm, just M)

Where’s all my fellow kings at?

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Yo… sup…
King is actually 90 to 120


well this really took off :confused:

Brother , Now I am on day 109.
I created a telegram group for fighters :facepunch:.
If you are interested and would like to join the group,
DM me on telegram group my id - yogifromsouth.
All the best bro, don’t you give up.:blush:

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