Companion needed!

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Why I want a companion -
I want a companion to help me get through this.

When I was 12 I started watching lingerie models in lingerie flyers and I masturbated to sexual fantasies of attractive girls, usually girls from my class. Over the years I came in contact with porn, and this made me addicted. I’ve been addicted since I was 16, so for 11 years.

A few years ago I first had sex: my penis functioned okay but I could not orgasm during regular intercourse. That’s what I want and need to change.

I really hope that stopping watching porn will solve this problem.

Please become a companion if you’ve got a similar experience or if you need a companion too!


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Let’s become accountability partner…
I will help you to stay away from Porn…


I’ve added you. I saw you’re already on a 7 day streak! Well done and hang in there

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You can add me bro…ill always stand beside u in your bad days…you can dm me anytime and anything you wanna talk about m always there for you
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Thanks. You can message me too. I usually reply quickly


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