Companion Needed till 30 Oct

Sharing code - obaj6l

Current streak - 1 day
Highest streak - 50 days 4 months ago*
Age - 22
Gender - M
Location - India

I want a companion for nofap challenge till my birthday this 30 Oct. I want to be a new person at the day and am really tired of this fappin.
So yeah anyone interested plse guide me and thanks.


I am here brother. Just added you as a companion . Together we are stronger.

My sharing code- iacxbe

I just started…trying hard…its been one week .

I am with you too Brother Let’s go all the way till new year…
My Code : 34s8lb

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Yeah sure brother let’s do this :muscle:

01citb im new. Need a companion for big streak

I am with you brother @TheDoc count me in.

Today’s my Day -3.

I am thinking ok doing till the end of this year 2020, (( my longest streak ))
:sweat_smile: yeah it’s too much for me I know, but this time am confident enough so I’ll try my best to stay strong and focused more on personal development.
:muscle: Let’s do this bro .

This will be my day 1. Currently 1 day streak. Highest ever is 14

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