Companion needed for support

I am very new to this community please let me be your friend

Sharing code - 2j6bks

Current streak - 10 days *
Highest streak - 30 days *
Age - 28
Gender - M
Location - IND

I want a companion to share my thoughts and to support each other


Hey bro il add you.
Add me if you want my code:nv0yxz
I am on day 0 now so lets start fresh welcome to nofap community

hey that’s great! At your young age dont let that disease eats you up, the earlier the easier to escape from it. Don’t make this a habit and someday you’ll not regret it.


How did you pmo before puberty? :thinking:

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It’s 28

Sorry my bad

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Hey I’ve added you! Let’s do this!

Plz also add me …
I am starting today
Age 23
Code 0448c4

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