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Going Great Sir !! :zap:
Keep moving forward and make this streak as long as infinity :infinity:

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Just about halfway with Day 12. Going to visit my mother so I’m sure my OMAD will suffer haha. Oh well. I’ve got a lot of work to do this weekend, so I’m sure porn or masturbation won’t be an issue.

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So the worst happened. 19 Days and 20h I failed my no-masturbation goal.

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I’m still here. 2 days 20h clean. I’ve had enough time to think and recalibrate myself and to formulate my new goals. Been busy with work, but will update tomorrow.

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Okay, Day 3 just about done. So what happened is now firmly in the past. I’m not going into aby details, but I had to think about plenty of things in the days since. I’ve resurfaced with new, more refined goals.

I realised my problem with my previous streak was that I was still hooking up with girls even though I wasn’t watching porn or masturbating. These acts never truly required much from me, as I was still having some sexual release once in a while. I never fully abstained and pushed through which, in a sense; I believe it made me weaker.

Therefore, I have decided that my new goals will be honed on “no porn, no masturbation and no other sexual activity that causes ejaculation”; PMO for short. I’ve also decided to shorten the initial target to only 30 days with subsequent extensions upon each goal realisation.

I have happily continued my OMAD throughout this time, but shall have to track it on another app since I had to reset my timer on this app. I’m feeling great and don’t run out of energy during the day. I’ve also vastly cut down coffee consumption to 0.5~1,5 small cups per day and feel energised overall. My one running shoe broke today, so I was unable to exercise. This was quite inconvenient and Im actually upset by it.

Here’s to failure; asorbing the emotions and come back swinging for success.

Hi can we connect and help each other?

Hello. Yes. Feel free to DM or post here.

Im closing this thread and moving to the diary category. I have to reset my counter since I had sex today. Will start the new thread and post info there. 5 Days 13h before this happened today.

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