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Why I want a companion - Hi everyone, I just created my account. I’d like an accountability partner (preferably a fellow Christian, but all welcome) for some new changes in my personal lifestyle.

Stopping masturbation/porn has for some reason led to me overeating? And not healthy food. 2 Habits which I’m desperate to break and change.

So, in addition to no maturbation & no porn, I’ve decided to go on a OMAD (One Meal A Day / Intermittened Fasting) routine (5days p/week) and am aiming for 15 weeks.

Anyone else who wants to make a lifestyle change and partner up? I’m not somebody who quits easily and would like to also request at least 1 daily update from my fellow joiner(s). If more than 1 person (male or female; all welcome) wants to join this endeavour, I would certainly welcome it. Compounded energy and focus to maximise results.
1 - no masturbation/porn
2 - OMAD / Intermittened Fasting; (or any other diet lifestyle changes you want to personally make, e.g. stop smoking, alcohol, drugs etc.)

Let’s do this together!


I am ready man. Will add you as my companion.

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Excellent! Thanks for joining. How do we communicate as accountability partners to share updates? Furthermore, I’m thinking of keeping the post open until Monday incase there are more that want to join us.

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We shall communicate in this forum itself and as you said we shall wait for others too brother.

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Hi there @xtac :blush::wave:

Welcome to Rewire Companion Forum.
Here, we communicate with each other in the replies or by messaging someone specific.
In the forum you can read, like or reply to posts, join or make a challenge, create your own diary, talk about your problems, ask for advice and a lot more

I hope you will find what you’re looking for here.
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I added you via your sharing code.
Good luck brother :fist_right::fist_left:

Okay that’s perfect. Thank you for the information.

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Hi. Thank you so much for the welcome and explaining more about the features. I appreciate the help.

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I don’t recommend OMAD to you since you are a beginner. It’s a very advanced form of intermittent fasting and takes a lot of getting used to. If you want to eat healthy why not just eat healthy 3-4 times a day. Why do you want to eat one huge meal once a day which will lead to major indigestion issues?

I really do recommend a normal food schedule. Eat more protein. That will alone change the way you eat. Protein is very satiating. That means you won’t over eat them. And you won’t get hungry quickly. Eat protein with every meal. Try to make 40% of your meal a protein source and you should be good to go. All the best. Appreciate you for making healthy choices

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You were absolutely right about the protein, wow, it makes a huge difference. I’ve done OMAD before so it’s not a problem and I highly recommend everyone else to do it as well.

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I mean it’s not practical. Eating only one meal a day means you’d need to eat a huge meal to fit in your caloric and macro nutrient requirements. On average 2000-2500 calories is needed a day for an average male to maintain muscle mass. Imagine eating that in one sitting. You’d be too full and too lethargic to move after. The best diet is the one you can stay consistent with. OMAD diet is not something you can stay consistent with the rest of your life. Atleast it’s not healthy in the long term because you’ll develop binge eating habits. Try it sure. But i wouldn’t recommend it as a lifestyle

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Hey thanks for all the information. Yeah no worries, the research is pretty conclusive on that, you can do OMAD without any negative side-effects if you do it right. It’s really not that complicated.

Good day everyone. So today is Monday, day 1. I’m on Day 6 now o no masturbation & porn. Furthermore, I’ve also started with my intermittened fasting (OMAD) which I shall strive to maintain for 5 days of the week. I feel pretty good so far. Have lots of work to do, so I’ve got plenty to keep me busy with.

How’s everyone else doing?

So Day 2 just about finished. Feeling good so far. Almost relapsed, but I stopped myself. It helps to keep busy. Also, get more sleep. You’ll feel better throughout your day.

Day 3 done. Im on day 8 NPO. The OMAD was also easier today, but I ate very late, so i’ll see how it affects me tomorrow. So far it’s been uneventful, but there’s a girl I might see on Friday. So if we do have sex, does it mean I must reset my timer on the app?

Day 5 done. I missed the update for day 4, but it was a successful day. Im on Day 10 of no masturbation and no porn and I feel good about this progress. Regarding my OMAD; seems I only got to 4 days instead of my targeted 5 days p/week. I have a legitimate excuse though, I blame my mom! :slight_smile: I came to visit her this weekend and of course mom’s will always do what mom’s do, and that is to make you a home-cooked meal. And she bought us Dunkin’ Donuts for dessert. The best! haha. Oh well, 4/5 aint bad. I always knew weekends would be harder, but a person has to also let go and let life happen on such occasions.


Day 7 completed and day 12 of no porn and no masturbation. Although I only got 4/7 for my intermittened fasting, it was still a success for my 1st week of getting back on the wagon with it. Keeping in mind that my target is only 5/7 days p/week; it went much better than expected. Furthermore, I’m not having any difficulty with the porn&masturbation, which is a relief, and I’m keeping myself busy with work. I’ve also started reading a new book, so I’ll tentatively schedule 30min a day for it. 1st Week done; 14 to go.

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About halfway through day 8. Still at work, so no chance to be tempted with porn or masturbation. 2 Lady co-workers invited me to go have breakfast with them this morning. It was quite pleasant and relaxing. I wasn’t nervous. Mostly I was just asking them questions as the girls seemed to love talking.

I’m more concerned about my intermittened fasting routine, which is why I initially turned down their suggestion for the breakfast.

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Day 8 done and 13 days without porn or masturbation. Although my OMAD crashed before the day even began, this goal is still secondary to the main objective. But, no excuses, I still failed and have to accept it. No more compromises with my intermittened fasting, even if girls invite me to breakfast. I can always postpone or suggest another day. There will always be temptations and things that will try to get a person off track. I must stand firm in both goals and discard the distractions.

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Day 10 and 15 days without porn and masturbation. I can truly say that once I started learning about sperm retention and the wealth of benefits that it produces; I felt a deep regret about the way I lived my life thus far. I’ve wasted my “life force” into socks and tissues since I was a teenager, and now as a 32yr old man the signs on my body are evident and clear. Time and years wasted are things that a person can never get back. You can never get back your wasted youth and that’s the fact of the matter. I wasted my youth on porn and masturbation and I can only try to recover what’s left of my body.

Yes people will very quickly tell you the positive side of where you are now compared to where…blah blah blah. As a society we’ve developed a “sports team” mentality. After a defeat the team wil only comment about how they have to look ahead to the next match and that’s all they can do now, etc. People are so quick to move on to the next thing. We don’t sit and embrace ‘the loss’ anymore. We instantly shift our focus to something blank in the future to which he have no emotion yet, or only superficial wishful emotion that will make us feel good. We don’t live in our defeat even the minimum amount of time that is healthy for a person to introspect, feel, and learn from. We’re too quick to go again to the next thing. But today, I can ‘live’ in my regret, I can look at myself completely in my consequential state and realise what I’ve done to myself and there’s no way to get it back. I can leave myself with that thought. It’s been wasted, it’s gone, and it’s not coming back.

“It is a painful thing to look at your own trouble and know that you yourself and no one else has made it”

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Day 11 done. Day was uneventful. Almost weekend. Going to be a working weekend, but at least I can work from home. Just taking it day-by-day and keeping busy. 16 Days without masturbation or porn.