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Hi. I am here for some time now. I am not really an extreme fapper. More like the regular fapper next door. I do control my needs most of the time, but after I set my goals in life to a new coars. I noticed I have to stand alone a lot in life. There’s nothing wrong with being alone sometimes. But having lots of time means lots of opportunity… At first I spend hours and hours to gaming. After quite a while I have enough rest in my body to do nothing. Sometimes I still feel the urge to watch girls on insta or Facebook. And sometimes I fap. Now I feel. Kinda stuck here and I might need to partner up to get this to a next level. I wanna go for the 90 days.


I am on day 45 now
My sharing code: b5m3hr


Thanks mine is 1uj5w6


@leftoverfap You can add me bro…n feel free to dm me anytime…i always be there by your side to help you out…to overcome all the troubles we r having…dm me i have some ideas for us

Add me ij36fi

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Thanks bro. I’m on day 5 now. And it was only since yesterday, I came out of ‘the darkness’. I’m so sure I don’t wanna feel like that again, but I’m also a bit scared I’ll forget how I felt and be there again. Feels good to have some one to write to. :slight_smile: how are you doing?

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M also doing good… trying out the polyphasic sleep…just started hope to ill succeed in it

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