ColdMonster's Daily Journal

I started my nofap jouney few days ago . I have gone 3 days clean so far .I’m trying my best to stay busy all the time and focus on completing my daily schedule.



Welcome to the forum. All the best buddy !!!

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Thnxs buddy …:blush:

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Based on my relapse pattern , i have made a schedule for myself that i will be following everyday…

Morning +Afternoon Activities
Wake up at 6:30
Cold shower
Mindful chewing

Evening Activities
Walking (5Km)
Tracking calories consumed before sleeping
Motivational video(nofap)

Writing my diary after so long … I’m back on the forum , coz I’m not able to control my addiction, I’m relapsing 2-3 times in a day and procrastinating on my work . I need to get my shit together and break this pmo chain . In a week I usually relapse 12-14 times , so my aim to decrease this number to 4-5 times in a week

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Day 0

Start my work✅

Relapsed 3times today , but finally I started the work on which I was procrastinating for a long time

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bro, the main thing is not to give up, train willpower. if there is a strong desire to masturbate, then find some activity that will interrupt this desire.

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Yup,my plan is to exercise whenever I feel the urge and transmute the sexual energy.

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Morning routine✅️
Gratitude journalling
Read self help book
Evening workout✅️
Plan for tomorrow