Cold showers in Winter

So I have been taking cold showers everyday since past 5 months, but as winter started my parents and my cousin warned me that I might get pneumonia or something if I continue with cold showers in winter especially at my place but I just ignored them and continued and now I have a minor cold :sweat_smile:, the water is literally ice cold here and the feeling after the shower is awesome :fire:.
There might have been some other reason for the cold but I think I should stop being arrogant and probably stop cold showers at least till winter ends, don’t wanna fall ill :sweat_smile:.
So what are your views on this topic?


Luke warm water will be more beneficial at present times i think i am not taking cold shower anymore due to cold :cold_face::cold_face::cold_face:


Correct bro don’t take cold shower… Your health is most important .if you want then wash your legs ,hands and face in cold water …and bath for 10 or 15 mints… not like 30 mints bath :sweat_smile:


I take showers in general thrice per week and they are all cold showers.
Last winter, I followed this and did not fell ill for over a year until last month.

The reason I caught a cold was due to exhaustion after playing football hardcore day and night when I visited a farmhouse and the weather was also changing.


Well everyone’s body is different .:sweat_smile: I became ill after taking cold showers for a week last year . After that I started taking hot showers only in winters .:joy:


Cold shower your privates only then.

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My cold might be because I ran too much yesterday :sweat_smile:, and also I had cold curd and sugar in the evening.
I’d switch to hot showers until my cold gets cured, will see after that.

True that.

:joy: my bath lasts for a maximum of 10 minutes


I am taking cold showers for the past 5-6 years…got inspired from my Grandfather(87) who still does that.

During winter, its a bit difficult but by doing that, I got some resistance to cold.

Also, I do take hot bath, but only when I have muscle pain…

Still, you are from North side, so its more cold up there. Its totally up to you.
Just remember to always dry yourself completely and wear proper clothing immediately after the cold shower. Never delay that!
That prevents the risk of getting cold.


i am with @the_resilient_one on that i do not hwo coudl your winters are or how cold your flat is but if you take a hot shower and dryyour self+ hair and get into some warm clothing theoretically you should be fine that is what i have been doing since May but my flat in general is pretty warm and the days were pretty warm to.

get better soon and take care!

also drink lots of tea xD lots! Maybe use an steam inahaltion to support your respiratory system and take cink as a suplement it boost ur imnue system if you did not know that yet


Use common sense. If you’re at risk of catching a cold when cold showering, either take a cold shower in the afternoon if it’s hot there or don’t take one at all. Cold shower benefits are not worth falling ill.

Maybe later you can try cold resistance therapy. At the moment your goal is GATE so not falling ill is more important than cold therapy.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: thanks

True that I didn’t take a cold shower today as I have cold, I’m not taking one till I’m completely fine.


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