Cold Shower in Winters?

So I saw many posts mentioning that we should take a cold shower on having an urge… But right now it’s so much cold already, should I still take a cold shower? I have a feeling that I might fall sick if I do so… Please help!!


I have this same problem.
My legs starts paining after taking cold showers in winters because nerves get freeze afrer bathing with cold water.

I am currently using luke warm water.


Bro i have also the same problem,i am now seek due to continuous shower to stop urges.

Bro, its winter here too. Its just a fear in your brain that I used to have as well, but after I poured the first mug of cold water on my body, entire fear was gone. Only 2-3 times in this winter have I bathed with lukewarm water and that too because others forced me and its been already over a month since proper winter has started here. I am going by the philosophy of Cold shower or nothing. I have even challenged myself just to see if I fall sick due to this, by taking cold showers as early as 4am-5am and very recently 6am too. But nothing happened. I think there’s a small chance that you’ll get sick due to it, but you are free to live however you like.


That’s awesome dude! Thank you so much for help… You cleared my doubt!


It’s damn cold here. I’m wearing a sweater as I type. But I take a cold shower twice a day, morning and evening. Honestly you will get used to it. The first step is the hardest. What I do is play a song, I sing along and turn on the shower in that flow and dance or keep moving in the shower to create body heat. Slowly you’ll get adjusted to the cold water. Hope it helps.


hey bro, it might be hard at first but if somehow you keep taking cold shower everyday, it will become a habbit. its cold here but taking cold shower has become habit for me

I am NOT used to cold showers yet, so I’m not an expert. And I don’t know if taking cold showers in cold weathers is okay for me. You could try getting your body used to hot water and then turn it off. It makes it so much easier for me.