[CLOSED] Anyone interested in an Elimination match? [Entries Closed]

Is there anyone interested in joining an Elimination Match. I’m new to the forum and I was checking the threads on the forum and I couldn’t find any open Elimination matchs, I thought I would create one, but I need to know if there is people interested in joining one?

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I am intreasted :grinning:
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I am interested too.
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Let’s do this!!!

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Awesome guys! Let’s make the elimination match on this same thread. Remember the number 1 rule:

1 Relapse (According to your definition, for example if you’re trying to stay away from porn, and you watch a little bit of it, you’re relapsing) and you are out of the challenge.

I feel like this will help us stay motivated in the short/medium term, while we work in the building of new/healthy habits that will allow us to accomplish our goals, (In my case one of them is stay free of the PMO cycle).

Of course if anyone is feeling down, you can reach out to me over pm, and we can talk it out. I’m thinking of creating something like a group (On a messaging app, like Whatsapp, or Telegram) for the people in the Elimination Match, so that we can keep each other on check (It’s just an idea, tell me what you think about it)

People getting ready/in line for the elimination match :muscle: :

Elimination Match BEGINS on MARCH 1ST. All those interested leave a comment with your info.

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March or april???

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Sorry, April, my mistake :sweat_smile:

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Ace Of Discipline
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Count me in :sunglasses:

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Let do this !!

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Bro make the what’s app group also so we all can
Encourage to each other

And so it begins…

Participants of the Elimination Match:

@Flyer jaufar
@Ddann Ddenzzz
@Legend The_legend
@cloudstrike cloudstrike
@rahuljain517 rahuljain517
@AceOfDiscipline AceOfDiscipline
@SirNuttyy SirNuttyy
@king50 king50
@anon43098954 adp007
@Calel Mbuva
raghunandanpareek koylakhadan (It seems I can only mention so many users)
masteringbrahma masteringbrahma

Give your best!!


The first elimination is @king50

Hope to see you again in another battle @king50