Chronicles of Anti-Pornia: 6 Month Challenge: Looking for team member

Well the challenge here is simple to change the mindset and have healthy connections beyond…

Since it has been a struggle everyday to be a person free from comstant thoughts of intimacy, this is an endeavour to tackle the problem head on and do everything that is possible to change life and yet not lose sight of reality.

Studies indicate that most army training programmes have rigorous training for atleast 6 months and follow up for a a year and building a lifelong habit requires prolonged dedication. This is probably the hardest challenge for myself and it’s better to fight head on I think so here it goes :-

1). Rewire Brain
2). Rehaul Life
3). Rejuvenite Passion

1). Not engage in
a). Watching porn or porn related content
b). Not touching private body parts
c). Use the Riddikulus Spell Formula - As soon as you imagine something pornographic imagine something funny to counter it

2). Build a schedule with time to work on Mind (Meditation/Prayer), Body (Exercise/Sports), Career(Study/Job), Passion (Side-projects), Wealth (Alternative source of income) and Hobby (1 or 2
Artistic skills)

3). Spend 1 hour on building a future that you want. One hour where your being, time and space are together in the moment. (Doing it via meditation/tasks/hobbies is permitted)

Here is my schedule
6-7: Bath, Prayer and Meditation
7- 8 AM: Self Study
8 AM - 5 PM: Job & Travel
(2 hours during Job utlizied in Self Study)
5-6 PM: Hobby (Singing)
6-8: Self Study
8-8:30 PM: Dinner
8:30 -9 PM: Walk

Since this is re-wiring Life not only the mind hence a Partner system will be better.

Rules :
1).Two people per team and both keep daily track on each other
2). Weekly updates to be shared via group, daily with the team member (Subject to the condition that sufficient enteries are received otherwise carrying it on a personal level would be better)
3). Points alloted for timely task completion (All tasks to be completed as per schedule) e.g. I can get points out of 8 as I have 8 tasks listed. At the end of the week, points received will be converted into percentages to calculate score.
4). Weekly points will help to determine monthly winning team.
5). Maximum registration of 10 teams. Find your team-mate and create a Team name and Message here (Team name, members name, ages and gender)

I am looking for a team member…anyone up for it?


I am here, let’s do it

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I am in. I am already on my second streak hopefully this will help me make my streak a life long streak.

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Em440 I already partnered up with hex93. So I encourage you to find one and hop onto the train!

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