"Check-in" Daily - diary challenge



Sat checkin…


Check in…Sunday


Checking in - All good.
Week 17 - Mar 10, Sunday


Day 79 Sunday
Had wet dream last night


Check in - day 8
All good…


Checking in Week 18 - Sunday

All good!


25 days in
Weird that is lost its effect today my teacher asked me to focus between like 20 students 4 times, so yeah not a good day


Week 18 ~ Sunday 10th March

Slightly annoying day. No proper vocal warm up, tight vocal chords - over practicing, trying to sing out of my natural range


Check in
1st day of Week 19, MONDAY
All Okey…:+1:


Check in - day 9
All good…


Two days in to my relaunch. Just want to make it into a week.


Monday checkin…:smirk:


Checking in - All good.
Week 17 - Mar 11, Monday


Week 19 ~ Monday 11th March

Had some annoying dream last night.
I realise as much as I want to control situations, sometimes others are right, sometimes wrong. People aren’t perfect, I’m not perfect and it’s alright. It’s okay to get pissed-off


Week 19 -Monday

Everything it’s all right. Feeling my energy and confidence rising.


Checking in Tuesday


26 days check in :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: yeah yeah yeah lets goo


Week 19 ~ Tuesday

Note to all, and @WarriorNS @spencer.wentland
Please Check-in with ‘The Day of the week’
Ie; Monday, Tues, Mercoledì, Donnerstag, Shukrawar… etcetera


@Aoshigreen thanks for noting
Its tuesday check in today (Jordan time)


Thanks dude. It keeps the time difference easier for me, and the poll true to our journeys together.

Sometimes people might Check-in at 2am before bed, or 2am before going to work early :joy: