"Check-in" Daily - diary challenge



Day 1 of this week…feeling good


Am flatlining soo hard, I have almost no sexual drive right now :confused:
Day 11 check in


Day 66 Monday
Had urged last night but successfully fighted with it


Check in
1st day of Week 17, MONDAY
All Ok


Check in Day 1 week 17. All good


Week 17 ~ Monday 25th Feb
Urges, worrying about what I’m not doing, “should-ing”, looking, edging.
No excuses - non of those thoughts and actions help.
I could simply, exercise, clean, wash, tidy.
Always something to do.
NoFap is simple, just find something else to do if you’re unsure. Don’t hang about waiting.
Leave ideas and thoughts for a sec, yeah?
Don’t entertain thoughts - just get on with anything. Don’t question it.

Started doing some exercise.
Left my unresolved thoughts.
Accept and move on with the day.


Checking in - All good.
Week 17 - Feb 25, Monday


Week 17 - Monday - Day 12

It’s not easy.


@Aoshigreen sure I want, my code is jtgc88


Welcome to the 7 day challenge @sdom
What’s your country?


Check In, day 2/7.
Feeling good.


2/7 doing good…


Checking in
Day 2 of week 17


Day 12
Feels like superman?? Impressive :relieved:


Day 67 Tuesday

“I went into the sea under the rain and let the waves break against me and pass by, as if they were urges. The calm will come.”

Urges are unavoidable in recovery. Sometimes, all you have to do is observe them. Let it pass through you and then let it go, like a wave.


Day 2 some urges. But they were overcome


Week 17 -Tuesday

All good. Doing my best.


Checking in - All good.
Week 17 - Feb 26, Tuesday


Week 17 ~ Tuesday
So struggling today -
on the other hand “um, no you’re not” :thinking:

Purposefully do nothing, see what happens.
Good opportunities will arise, if not, just chill, wait. Wait for the Lord.

Be like a kid, or the cat lying in the sun.
Don’t worry, you’re fine. Care for yourself like you would for the naive, innocent and vulnerable.

I’m not wise, nor smart, I am a sinner, always in need of forgiveness and mercy.
I can stand tall, I can look people in the eye, I can forgive, I can Love, I can do all things with God.

I want this lead of lust, to transform into the gold like Love.

There is a mind, a heart and a soul behind the veil, behind the mask - I want to stay awake.
I want discipline, I want 30 days on my counter.

I’m looking forward to Lent - Easter, my favourite season.


Day 3…total 10 days completed…doing good