"Check-in" Daily - diary challenge



Day 6…all is good😀…no pmo


Week 16 ~ Friday, Shukrawar, Freitag, Venerdì
Checking-in :+1: emotional and a good day

@MJ2019 -
Yep :star2: is for when you miss a Check-in.
The emojis have evolved a little, a bit like the journey :wink::+1: x


Checking in - All good.
Week 16 - Feb 23, Saturday


Week 16 ~ Saturday 23rd February
Check-in :+1:


Week 16 - Saturday - Day 11

Discipline. All good.


Day 64 Saturday
Traveling now, Starting new chapter of life



b14104, Germany
I want to join this seven days challenge. I just relapsed right now.
Check in, day 0.

Wish me luck! :wink:


Glad to have you here bro. Friede sei mit dir :+1:


@sdom - Hey, Let me know if you want to join 7 day challenge by giving sharing code and country, otherwise you’re very welcome to post freely


7th day sunday all is good…yeah


Week 16
Day 65 Sunday
All is Well


Day 10 Check in
Feeling Blessed :relieved::cupid:


Checking in - All good.
Week 16 - Feb 24, Sunday


Week 16 ~ Sunday

Dug deeper into myself, looking where I’m at, the things I haven’t really looked at.
Had very wild dreams


I also had wild dreams daily and also sexual dream as always


I guess dreaming is a good sign. Hope all is good @weir - luckily, mine haven’t been eros driven


Week 16 - Sunday - Day 12

Had nearly a wet dream last night. Wake up and felt urges all day. Images becoming stronger. Sometimes it looks like without porn life is flat. Without wine life is flat. But I know deep inside that isn’t true. This is why I’m here trying all my best to rewire.


I realize everyone may not be a Christian here, so forgive me as I share from my own experience which includes my spiritual life and if this makes it less relatable. I by my means mean to impose my interpretation of struggle on anyone else.

I’m realizing more and more that I’m struggling in my heart with an idolatry of where my strength and security comes from. I look for it at times in a shadowy fantasy of human figure instead of the Lord. This morning I came across some p images in Facebook by accident. I was not looking for those photos so I’m not sure if it counts as a relapse, what do some of you think? I wasn’t in the best place while looking because although I was not looking for p I was looking at pictures of people who I was looking at in a way of longing. I also didn’t immediately turn away I look to these figures as a kind of strength and need to look to the Lord and not self made idols. Please pray over my heart.


Check in, day 1/7.
Feeling motivated.