"Check-in" Daily - diary challenge


Day 60 Tuesday

Super crazy f****** dreams just woke up 11:00 a.m. and intensity of dreams crazy all past dreams who is also included p*** and sexual dreams



Week 16 ~ Tuesday

Angry at the world today.
I feel like the world takes men who want to be decent, as mugs.

Dating sites are full of spam, indecisive women who have to pander to porn to attract a partner.

The ‘nice’ woman in church who showed interest acts indecisive and apathetic.

I’m uninterested. I’ve got things to be doing, and people to care about who appreciate it.

Carpe diem



Check in day 2. Relapsed. Disappointed, I felt the trigger from having my phone in bed. Will have to leave it somewhere else going forward



@Regardo - Keep your chin up bro :+1:



Checking in - All good.
Week 16 - Feb 19, Tuesday

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Even on this App I have a Dating advertising popping up…

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Week 16 - Tuesday - Day 7

Today is foggy weather. Going to Biodanza this evening and hope to meet nice new people to connect. Feeling some anxiety…

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Damn day 6 check in am getting through the day without getting tired like a boss!!

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Cool what’s your age
I am at day 60 and feeling little bit tired



Checking in
Day 3 of Week 16, Wednesday
All Good…



Day 3 All good…no pmo



Day 61 Wednesday
3rd wet dream in 61 days and this time it’s 16 days earlier last time it was at day 51



Day 3 all good. Learnt from a past mistake

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Week 16 ~ Wednesday Checking-in. I’m alive :+1:

Frustrated/Quick release/Youtube :fried_egg:
Not deep hearted lust, not filthy p.
Just my weakness, stress and anxiety.

I’ve come a long way from what I was.
Thank you Lord.

Let my efforts never be in vain.
You came to call sinners, I am a sinner,
Call ME O Lord, I’m listening :pray:



Checking in - All good.
Week 16 - Feb 20, Wednesday

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Week 16 - Wednesday - Day 8

Feeling of being a failure in life. I feel not able to integrate in society. Feeling dissociated and lonely even around people. Hard Day.



Day 7 Check In :slight_smile: Feeling Great Again :slight_smile: Lets Rise

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I know the feeling well, but times do change :pray:
Well done for making it through :+1:

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4th day…all is good…no pmo…cool

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Grazie compagno di viaggio. I need to have faith.

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