"Check-in" Daily - diary challenge



Checking in day 1 relapsed :broken_heart::astonished::joy:
Problem is there is a lot of girls in my work and only one glimpse would result in a cycle that ends in a relapse, I think I need a different enviroment :joy:


@nGpS09 ‘Challenge a companion’ is a challenge set up by @aapoorv75 where you challenge someone with a higher streak for a set amount of days.


Checking in
Week 12, day 1
I had another wet dream (I had one on my 16th day) and now on the 24th day…
I wonder if this is abnormal…


Week 12 ~ Monday

Nothing to report, except I need and want to be faithful. Ideas can wait.


Some would say it’s your mind rewiring, and your body craving for old ways.
It’s not abnormal but a good sign you’re recovering.


Thank you for your response
I was afraid I had to press :-1:


Checking in - Monday, January 21. Day 1 of week 12. All good.


Day four check-in, clear


Check in day 5… Rejoice for this day


Checkin day 2.
Getting proactive in business activities.
Will do a couple of exercise and reading and get busy. Selling stuff, etc…
Yesterday I felt a little depressed that I didn’t have a GF. I don’t know why. I just had that feeling. Everytime it happens I feel like relapsing. Good thing I didn’t. I prayed and exercised.
Lets go. :fire:


Check in day 1
Back to work :angry:


Checking in Tuesday
Day 2 of week 12
all good


Week 12 ~ Tuesday

Flatline has turned into a joyful sorrowful forgiving love.


Checking in - Tuesday, January 22. Day 2 of week 12. All good.


Checkin day 3

Another day to get busy. Every day hustler. Plan to get a car today or tommorow. Make car business.
Do some more “rich dad and poor dad” book reading, interesting book.
Not much to say here. I just plan to get things done like they are supposed to without relapsing. :muscle::muscle::fire::pray::pray:


Check in day 6… Be joyful today!


Checking in Wednesday
Day 3 of week 12
All Good


Check in day 2 :slight_smile:


Checking in - Wednesday, January 23. Day 3 of week 12. All good.


Checking in, week 12-day 3 : all good