"Check-in" Daily - diary challenge



Checking in, week 11, day #6
I had a rough day, thanks to God my streak is still present
So in short, I stayed at home to study for my exam, and the electricity got cut off from around 10 am till 17:30 (yep I know, how lucky am I)
And when taking breaks, I am left with just my phone with internet access, alone, in my room.
AS i was browsing facebook, and on a work out group, I saw some pictures… And in short I almost went to chrome and tapped the forbidden words… Instead of doing that I went outside as I could not focus on my studies , I wanted to go to the gym but I did not wanna tire myself while I have so much studying to do…
That was really a close call once again, I have been having so many close calls since last Wednesday.


May God grant you a quick recovery.


Week 11 ~ Saturday
Thoughts = just checking in
Feelings = just checking in

Ideas, ideas, ideas! Nah!..
What is, is.
What will be, is now.


@Warriors_Journey hope you are doing well bro!
It’s been difficult for me the past few days


Thanks brother, trust me I was just visioning myself if I had relapsed, and I am so glad that I did not follow my inclinations
It is worth it, we should not give up,and keep fighting those wicked inclinations of ours
May God help us.


@Aoshigreen @Warriors_Journey
Thank you I feel better already :slight_smile:


Check in day 9
Dreamt of replacing with sexual dreams but thats it


Chking in Sunday
All good
Day 5 of mine


Checking in - Sunday, January 20. Day 7 of week 11. All good.


Week 11 ~ Sunday

“Our thoughts become our reality”

They linger and call-out to be feed


Why do I have a :thinking: face I checked in all days :cry: @Aoshigreen


@WarriorNS - Sorry bro. Thanks for checking and responding. I’ve obviously made a mistake there, now amended :wink::+1:


Not the best day as was now watching websites that shows softcore.
Little by little I am edging towards the boundaries.

2 days of avoiding trigger doesnt make any changes.
In need of new inspiration.

Checking in on Sunday of week 11.
Still clean but I am nearing the edge.
It’s 78 days now.


Let’s go! Day 1.
No turning back. Just look forward.


Perhaps do the ‘challenge a companion’


I’m three days into my reset. I’ve been traveling and checking in has spilled my mind. Lots of stress with family but God has been so good and faithful.

I’m going to start my count on three because that’s where I’m at.

Thank all of you for you fight and struggle. Small ripples go outward.


Be courageous bro
Be zeal for the good work… With God you can!


Check in day 4… Sorry for not checking in yesterday…

Pleade add me as your comrade brother
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What is this ‘challenge a companion’?


Checking in Monday
Day 1 of week 12
all good