"Check-in" Daily - diary challenge



Checking in - Thursday, January 17. Day 4 of week 11. All good.


Early day 7 check in
Everything looks well captain , on the road we go :muscle:


Well… I have fallen… Sorry for not being a good comrades for you all guy…
Please pray for me… Check in day 1


@andriono2 - You, me and @spencer.wentland

Let’s get a clean Weekend!
Let us be.

When that voices comes to say “hello”
Let us be the parent.

Let us be slow and easy in our actions.
Let everything we do, be with purpose and precision.


Get behind me satan, with all your worldy thinking. Your tricks, lies, despair and confusion. Your slander, gossip and paranoia have no place in my heart of hearts


Checking in Friday
Day 5 of week 11


Day 3. I feel good honestly no thoughts today. Just time spent with family.


Week 11 ~ Friday. All good :+1:


Manage to avoid trigger for the past 2 days.
The day after porn watching, u crave to watch more on the next day, especially if it didn’t end with fapping.

All I did was physical avoidance.
Make it hard to do it.

Because I know at that point, no self determination can overcome the urge.

I successfully did that.
Now come the long weekend.

Hopefully, 2 days of avoiding trigger make it less likely that I am going for it again.

Checking in week 11 day 5.
My counter has never been reset yet since the day I join here.

Hopefully it goes that way until I reach 100 days


Checking in - Friday, January 18. Day 5 of week 11. All good.


Chking in Thursday
All great
Day 3


@ReNeGaDE You mean Friday, right? :sweat_smile:
What are the ‘Days of the week’ in your mother tongue? (language)


@Aoshigreen…i meant Friday…yeh…i my mother tongue friday is shukkarwar


Thanks brotha!.. :slight_smile:


Check in day 2… Be encourage this day guys


Chking in Saturday
All good
Day 4 of mine


Check in…day 18
Life is good :slight_smile:


Checking in - Saturday, January 19. Day 6 of week 11. All good.


Day 8 check in
Am extremely sick with fever :’(


Thanks for checking-in @WarriorNS :+1:
Hope the fever disappears soon.