"Check-in" Daily - diary challenge



Yes I want to
I am from :algeria:, sharing code bhvbug


Check in for Day 1 for me. New here and working to get a grip on situation. This looks like a great motivator. :+1::+1::+1:


Day one of sobriety. Reset, refresh.


Day 5 check in
Nothing is gonna hold me back.


Day 3 check in… Be zealous for God’s glory


Week 11 ~ Wednesday. All Good

Welcome to this group and challenge, @MikeNichols891 @Warriors_Journey

The rules:

  • Give your country and sharing code
  • Check-in Daily with Day Of the week

The aim:

  • To Win 7 days! :+1:


Checking in - Wednesday, January 16. Day 3 of week 11. All good.


Week 11 ~ Wednesday. Fail


I wanna join
I’m from INDIA :india: Sharing code 9ddeb0


Chking in Wednesday
All good


Thanks bro! :wink: I’m very glad to have you join!


Day two into my reset.


Check in day 4… Hope we can finish this day well


Checking in - Thursday, January 17. Day 4 of week 11. All OK.


Day two for me no porn no masterbation. Fooling around with wife alot though.
Colorado U.S.A hu8y2t


In the home section, swipe right to go to My Companions section. You will have a orange colour menu button in the bottom right corner. Click on it and you get a option to see your sharing code. All the best


Day 6 check in :wink:


Chking in Thursday
All good
Day 2


Checking in, still day 20
I almost lost the battle once again, but thanks to God/Allah my streak is still alive.


I messed up least night. :pensive: My triggering emotion was a lack of safety. I have reset again but will count from one once I get there.