"Check-in" Daily - diary challenge

Check-in for evening;

Nice Mass, work day, early evening walk, more work, and a good night :+1:

Refrained from idleness

Glory to God :pray:

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Glory to God - Trust in Him daily :pray::innocent:
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May 3rd

@Forodwaith @Gk-00 @Rebooter81

All is good in my life, though life can be tough.

I love my faith and find true peace in God,
I’ve got a job/business - but it can be hard at times, and questions life purpose.
I also have someone in my life who stands by me and always wants me to do well.

I do have anxiety, and fell for pmo again :-1:
It brings some comfort and escape, but it also makes it harder to be at ease (have comfort) and free and available to life.
Pmo adds stress and creates bondage to it.

Glory to God :raised_hands: Let’s Trust in Him daily :pray:

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I’ve been off for a while and had 8 good days but feel last night and this morning.

Sorry to not see your check-in etc as I’ve been camping and not on my phone.

I think I’ll opt out of the other forum as I only access this on my phone and I find checking in various places a bit of a hassle, sorry.

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That’s okay dude :pray::hugs:
Glad you had some time away from your phone too
Wishing you well, and peace :dove::herb:

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There is no day like today to start anew. All that I can do is be faithful with the time that is given me.

@Gk-00 @Aoshigreen

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My rate is not really improving but the duration is and my interest is waning. In a weak moment I’ve looked but I’m quicker to put it down.

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Same as yesterday, fail and repeat.

But it was less and less and for even that I’m glad.

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I’m finally back to one day.

I’m so tired and depressed and could use prayer.

Thank you.

@Aoshigreen @Gk-00

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Aware again today that I’m dealing with addiction and withdrawal nothing more complicated or necessarily sinister about that (although the porn spiral can become sinister and illegal)
It’s just my brain craving some feel good chemicals and pestering me until I give in.
Guess that’s the battle we are all in… and the tougher life is the more we reach for our fix

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