"Check-in" Daily - diary challenge


Chicken diary Day 1 Monday…

I am getting better in social situations. My skills are sharpening. Bad dream last night. Due to diwali festiwal tasty sweets are at my disposal. I am liking the day energy… Day 14 hard mode.

#Saved my Chicken ass from getting milked.


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Day 1 “Check-in”

Glad to see people here “checking-in”

I feel tired and a little drained this morning.

I did that thing - lying on my bed last night in my clothes, with the light on, watching a YouTube video about the world’s biggest trees,
fell asleep, and woke at 4am, got changed, and into bed for proper sleep. :joy: Annoying

Lots of weird dreams I can vaguely remember.

Smoked a little bit of weed this weekend -
even though it was only a few puffs, it is in my system and feel I’m not so sharp
(maybe I can mentally fight that)
I’d rather be sharp minded and smart, always!

I’ve quit smoking again.
It isn’t such a strong decision like before, but I will persist, and will contemplate it.

There’s a lot more I could say, but I’m gonna leave it there for now, and come back tomorrow.

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Been working for the past 36H non stop.
Really tired.

Easily relapse at this point.
I am checking in advance to ensure everything is good here.

Today is the only 2nd day, if I fall into the trap of tiredness and pmo, it will be such a waste.

So up to 6.15pm, everything is good.
Will see whether I check in tomorrow with a good 3rd day streak.

Happy Diwali to whoever celebrating!!!


Please remember One Post a day
we are here to “check-in” (commitment)
And practice Restraint (avoid compulsion)
Be the master of our thoughts/emotions

Save advise, comments, motivation etcetera…
for your Daily check-in :pray:

Sunday is ‘Free day’ - No ‘posting’ Rules


Day 1 check in.
So far everything feels fine, long day at work, still 3 and 1/2 hrs to go. No urges today, almost 3 days clean so far.

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Day 2 check in … Tuesday… it’s festival season in India… Happy Diwali (Festival of Light) to all my brother. Have a wonderful festival. Let the light of this festival keep us all away from the darkness we were in all these years… let’s defeat the evil within us together…

Happy Festival :blush:

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Chicken day 2 tuesday…

Bad mood… feeling like shit.

No milk spilled… stay strong.

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Day 2 check in:

Mind is a little numb yet, I haven’t woke up very well today. Guilt still runs on my blood.
I’ll focus on gym and my programming practice.
A nice noFap day 2 for everyone!


Check-in day 2

Amazing dream last night. Exploring a huge building I’d been to before.

Woke up.

Terrible stomach ache.

I curled up on the floor, and thought about a few things, and started feeling much better.

I’ve reset my personal counter because I’ve viewed something on YouTube and some porn sites briefly last night and recently.

Companions should choose their own particular mode, or whatever helps them.

I’m not going to post until next week, but will moderate and make sure you guys are all good. :+1:

I’m considering myself fried :fried_egg:


I’ve made an amendment to the rules
“Check-in” :+1:
Miss a day🤦🏻‍♂️
Relapse/reset :fried_egg:

Aim to get 7 :+1:

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Day 2 check-in. (Missed writing here on day 1).

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Get Fried then :fried_egg:


One Post a day.
Please refer to the rules and The Poll daily
I’ll post any changes


Day 2 check in.

Woke up early this morning, still haven’t eaten.

Today is already stressful, my wife was late for class because of phone update, I’m working on college admissions, plan to vote, and I need to be at work by noon. Also weather is muggy.

I think I’ll be alright, still clean, but today is a bad day so far.


@aoshigreen could I join the challenge while posting on my own diary. I want to join in here but maintaining two daily logs would be a lot of work to do.
Maybe, I could post few words on here and gain accountability.


Hi @MrXYZ, yes, of course you’re welcome to join, it’d be great to have you.

What’s your sharing your code and country?

Just make sure you follows the rules of;
no more than one post a day.

This is primarily a weekly challenge, to keep committed to Rewire, while also practicing some stillness in the mind, hence, limiting our posts.


Day2: all good here.

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Day 3… Wednesday… Looks like normal day and everything is fine right now… today I’ll be completing 5 days !!! it’s been longest strike after a long time…!


Day 3 check-in. Completed 90 days on my current streak today.


Day 3 - 07/11/18

I’m here, all good. Fighting, saying “No” to eros

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