Chaser effect... After my last clean Streak

Hola Amigos :wave::smile:
I have been trying this Nofap since August 2020. Last My Highest streak was 21 days when I am off this forum.
But currently I am having this severe addiction of PMO.
I do fap almost like regular… Since my last streak 5days(clean streak). When I was on clean streak it was getting harder for me every single day as my energy increasing rapidly.
Lastly because of one small mistake I relapsed.
But now after that relapse this chaser effect trapped me like hell. I am relapsing(more than regular) again and again.
I tried to block the app but anyhow I unblock it.

I mostly relapse using Google Chrome (as it is default browser in my mobile) & I can’t delete it.
I tried to block that using app lock(pin password).
Password is too easy to remember.
Because In case I need this browser I will unlock it… as my siblings ask my phone most of the time…

So can anyone tell me how I can stop this Chaser effect relapses?
I am afraid that I may relapse again tonight…


Are you sure you wanna leave pmo? Like do you want to leave pmo?

You should not have thoughts like these.

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Si, I want to quit.
But it’s not like we say and we quit instantly.
I know my acts… That’s why I am afraid.
I am honest to everyone here.

You are limiting your mind by that fear brother, dont be afraid, even though your mind tries to fool you by saying " I might relapse tonight " Dont believe it. Your mind will always search for pleasures not pain. If your mind always searches for pleasure and you follow what your mind says then you are being controlled by your mind.

You practice. Practice makes a man perfect,
You may have a goal in life right?
Keep practicing your mind to say no to those situation s



  1. Delete chrome if it’s an app. Use Safari.
  2. Go to screen time > manage user restrictions (something like this name) > web controls and select ‘Prevent adult websites’ . Add sites to list if you need to access them.
  3. Go back and password protect it but someone else should set the password.


  1. Download blocksite and block google, YouTube, etc.
  2. Password protect it but someone else should set the password
  3. Go to settings and disable Chrome, YouTube
  4. Go to focus mode and block all said apps aswell- this means you have to pass 3 hard layers of security to Fap. I used to relapse everytime on my phone till I did this.


  1. Donwload the small applet that goes to cmd and removes incognito or do it yourself, step by step instructions are there online. I have done so for all my laptops/desktop to prevent relapse.

Take hard steps man. Do hard things @Adioz_aka_Adidas

Flame on


How I can do that? I don’t have anyone whom I can trust anywhere…

This is not possible, chrome is default browser and I can’t disable it unless I root the phone.

I never watch YouTube unless its really important. Or else I wanna listen the songs :headphones: (I don’t watch videos songs)

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Might be an exaggeration. Find someone.

Yes, but you don’t need to use the phone to browse the web. I have removed chrome from my phone (it’s android) so I only use internet in the desktop. Removed YouTube too.

Don’t fall for that trap.

Don’t listen too much. Songs give dopamine too and the aim is to dopamine detox. I stick to listening to songs when I work out, and I use Spotify for that.


Only instrumentals, because I love making musical beats.

I watch YouTube for unboxing of items and instrumentals.(only listening no videos)

How you did it.
I don’t have any option in my mobile to uninstall the chrome.

Okay I will.


Ok bro I get it. I listen too for my music exams.

I didn’t mean don’t watch YouTube. I meant don’t watch it on your phone.

3 layers . Can’t do much more than this. Figure it out bro, it’s not that hard. It’s on digital wellbeing.

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I did it almost same way the way you did it.
I blocked the app in digital well-being & blocked by stay focused app in strict mode.
But it can only open by QR code.
I don’t have PC or anything
There is only one way I can unlock is to send that QR code to parents phone & scan that.

Thanks btw. @Ash_Matt


A single password cant fight with clever mind :smiling_imp:. We should do regular meditation. @Adioz_aka_Adidas
are you waking up at 4 to 5 am???
Regular 1 hr exercise??
Reading good books??
Sleeping before 10 to 11 pm
If you are not doing… No one can save you…


Million dollar advice :ok_hand: :100: :heavy_dollar_sign:


Bro download bulldog blocker or guardian angel both are same app.they block every thing and to deactivate u have to wait for the time u set and in that time ur urges will drop

Select the standard block and select no pin there u can set timer to unlock

It is sooooo effective and only thing they don’t block is instagram


Try to write in a paper that u lost the last attempt and u can’t let that happen again .I too had the same issue like u dude.But I have decided I’m gonna end this habit in this worst year 2020,I’m not taking this habit to 2021,for that I have started from December.( By saying like this iam re-ensuring myself I won’t do it.) Best of luck


Same to you @Ash11

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