Changing Perceptions on how good Women Look

After a few days of no porn/no fap, regular girls start becoming more attractive, more mysterious, more intriguing. Have you noticed this?

My theory is that there are two competing attractions, one being intense sexual arousal, and the other being able to appreciate the natural beauty of a woman (seperate from the arousal). When you are deep into porn, when you are in public, your brain is only looking for women that can trigger arousal, which then short-circuts your brain’s ability to apprecaite beaty separately from arousal, basically making you blind to seeing beaty in normal women.

Any thoughts on this?


I think you’re completely right. I also believe that other physical qualities will get more emphasis as well. P only focussed our attention to looks and sounds. The longer your streak will get, the more you’ll notice the woman’s scent, the way she smiles, the twinkle in her eyes, the softness of her skin, etc.

And apart from the physical side, you’ll also fully realize that a woman, just like any other person, has her own personality, likes and dislikes, qualities and flaws. But most of all you’ll find that she has a lot of love to give.


Well said…

I notice that non physical traits start to get my attention. Like intelligence, sense of humor, the way a girl looks into your eyes when she is confident around you… Even her voices are attractive.

Pmo is a like a permanent fog into your brain. It keeps you even from noticing how blind you are.

Women are a gift from God to this world, and in ways much deeper than sex only.


Agreed. Porn makes me more critic about my girlfriend’s body too and it’s so unfair! I’m on my 8day streak and hope to appreciate her the way she deserves everyday more!
I’ve been so into porn these past years that most days I can’t even stare to her body cause I fell afraid of judging too much or dislike what I see. On the other hand, I spend hours masturbating to fit hot girls on reddit. This is awful! I dont want that for me anymore!


I agree as well, although I’d even go as far as not to separate beauty from arousal completely.
For once, yes, our minds are programmed to look for sources of arousal all the time, but also what we find arousing is influenced, and how we act upon it.
On longer streaks (longest half a year so far) I was aroused by women that I find attractive, but the things I liked shifted from mere looks to general behaviour, a nice smile, a laugh, things like that. Also, that arousal lasted like a few minutes, then I continued whatever I was doing instead of mindlessly fantasising for the next hour, asking myself why she is not with me and ultimately blaming everything about me for that and feing bad xD


Porn made me concious abt myself n gf’s body parts. But I learned to accept who we’re and appreciate our every aspect, be it physical or emotional.