Change of our posture

Did you guys noticed change in your posture, stance as you reach further in your streak?
I noticed that my walking and sitting posture improved. Well to be honest I exercise as well, but it is rather feels like my shoulders and back has more freedom. Not weighed down by shame and stress. It is a good feeling. Sometimes my back hurts a bit, but it rathers feels like my bones are moving back to their original place where they should give me the posture and confidence of a man.
Ain’t this pain feels and tastes good?


Yes, sir! Pain and soreness is so sweet. It feels as if my life is rolling back on track!


I don’t know brother. But I think yes, it did.

I knew I sometimes have a bad posture and it’s been spoken about by parents and other mentors in my life before, but after NoFap, not only posture, but my self awareness improved.

But to be honest, I also started proper workouts with NoFap, so it would more possibly be a combination of the two.

Lots of people just want to give up and lament aimlessly and blame their circumstances because they’re too proud to blame themselves. To a small extent when I used to Fap I did that. Now I feel happier about myself and want to take care of myself.

Just small things in NoFap that gave me back confidence and made me want to look after myself.

Idk about how it affects others becuase I haven’t interacted with people alot of late due to the pandemic.
But online, I guess people want to talk to me for some reason seeing messages on social media, and I don’t mind so much(I’m an introvert) but I’m still not in my zone, so I’m hoping NoFap is further going to help there.

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I walk faster these days
Maybe I walk upright too

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