Chandrasekharam Ashraye Mamah Kim Karisyati Vai Kamah

Lord Shiva is the slayer of Kamadeva ( Lust ). Lord Shiva had burnt lust with his third eye. When we pray lord shiva , lust will vanished. So if you are sanatanic person, then start praying any of your God ( Hanuman, Ganesh, Shiva, Bishnu ) . He will burn Lust for you.


@Amitroghates, it’s not Bishnu, it’s Vishnu
For God’s sake know the name well we pray to him every day he is in every atom of the universe

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In our language mother tongue we write and pronounce V as B . It’s a convention in my mother tongue Odia and also in Bengali

बिष्णु ବିଷ୍ଣୁ Bishnu

विष्णु ୱିଷୁ Vishnu ( We pronounce it as Wishnu )

In our mother tongue correct pronunciation is Bishnu

Not Vishnu or Wishnu

We call it Bishnu . How can you accuse me like this ?


We even pronounce Shiva as Shiba in our State. Lord Shiba(Shiva) and Bishnu (Vishnu ) are famous in our state.

Before telling something know the culture or language of the person :thinking::thinking:

:man_facepalming: I prefer to not argue anymore. Just pray however you want to call him

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I had this habit once as well. No problem. I had the habit of arguing with elders. Then I quitted the habit. I even dont complain anything about anyone when I face any problem . When I was in Hostel, other friends kept complaining about each other and about me but I never complained about anyone.