Challenges-Which Mode and does it matter

I think it’s frowned upon by some people that Easy Mode (P-Mode) is not as effective as Normal Mode or Hard Mode.

I believe the mode that works best for you doesn’t have to be the one all people recommend. It’s the one that you believe is best for you. What do you think?

it definitely is the case that it has to work for you and only for you.
i personally think that masturbating maybe every other week for 5min (if you don’t have a girlfriend) could help to make the journey a bit easier and less frustrating

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No. Just no. There can’t be half measures and compromises. They should be regarded as seeds of corruption from which ab entire forest of sin can grow in your heart.

:sweat_smile: surprising how opinions can change within half a year

Definitely, wouldn’t write that again :smile:

I think, all efforts should be taken to not watch porn or masturbate. But still I believe if you really have to relapse, it is better to relapse 1min to masturbation without thinking of porn than 3hrs edging to porn.
Both are bad and are corrupting your journey, but one is still much worse than the other. I still would take the 1min dopamin rush instead of the 3hrs bombardment of my body. But I would never recommend to deliberately masturbate anymore

(for most people, it is unrealistic to never relapse during the journey. So, I think a damage containment plan is not a bad thing)