CHALLENGES for 4/7/15/30/60/100 Day Goals! 🏆



My Future Plan Package:grin:


Wow, I love it @BruceLee! Got to be organised to reach your goals! :grin:


Is it possible for me to join the 30 days purple heart challenge today?
I’m Babadu - 41fea1 - Day 0 (joined today, 19/07)


Sorry @babadu the July Challenge entry closed 2 weeks ago. But you can join the 30 day challenge for the orange heart which is the same thing basically! Just edit the scoreboard and add your details into the group :slight_smile:


Can give the name of this program?


Thanks @petrassib!
I added myself.
One more thing: where do i find the notes to put my starting date?



@babadu Go into Statistics, then Journal and then click the ‘+’ button and write down your start date :slight_smile:


I have joined the 30 day group challenge. Hope this would be an interesting experience. I have completed Back to basics 10 days Nofap challenge f××king 6 times by now but haven’t joined the 30 Days Nofap challenge till date. This is my first attempt in 30 Days Nofap challenge. Hope we can do it!!! And i will do it…


I’m in the 4 day challenge. I’m planning on doing each challenge, one after another, until I collect a 6! (Gotta get 'em all!) :blush:
part from reaching Day 2 in 4 day challenge, I’m on Day 6 of my personal streak and boy is it difficult today for me!
I’m really pushing myself today not to give into the urge!
Thanks for this great challenge! What a great motivator!


Wow you are a veteran of the 10 day NoFap Challenge now @acarnegie743, I wish you the best of luck with this journey! If 30 days is too hard you can always do 15 and work yourself up again :slight_smile: Great to have you on board!

Nice plan @babadu, it is the same as mine! It takes a while and it is very hard but it is an ambitious venture, I applaud you for dreaming :slight_smile: Now make it a reality! The first 7 days are the hardest, stay strong :facepunch:


Where is the scoreboard?


It is comment #2 @kpsrikanth1994 :slight_smile: click the blue box with comment number on the bottom right and scroll up to 2 to find it!


Sorry @arshad321 I had to change your days on the scoreboard because everyone starts counting from 0 when going for a heart so the playing field is balanced and fair :slight_smile:


Oh sorry i forgot to start from 0 :blush:


Congrats @BruceLee on your 2nd Yellow Heart! :facepunch: You have the most hearts of anyone! With that last accomplishment you are up to 6th place on the Leaderboard, quite the achievement. It would be awesome to see you make it to 4th place, do you think you could do it? :slight_smile:

Don’t forget you can exchange one single heart when going for another one to give you a boost headstart towards it :+1:


Of course I will definitely reach the 4th place :grin:
:fist_right: Effort is on :fist_left:

Sorry for your exchange offer.
I don’t want to exchange.
because 6 heart is motivates me.
Maybe I’ll exchange in future
When my plan will be complete

My plan is to double every heart :facepunch::facepunch:


Wow that is exciting @BruceLee , I can’t wait to see you achieve bro, onwards and upwards :grin::facepunch:


Well done @babadu on your first heart! You’re officially on the Leaderboard :facepunch: I look forward to your collection growing :grin::+1:


@petrassib, thanks! Only 5 more hearts to go! :smile: