CHALLENGES for 15/30/60/100 Day Goals! 🏆


Almost done, 6 more days to go!


Finally a month! Seeing some possibilities in myself


Hey @BruceLee I complete 31 days, but then I relapsed. Can I claim my orange heart?


@srubio You’ve completed 30 day,
@MrXYZ You’ve completed 100 day,
And with this you added your name to the Leaderboard
Good luck for next Challenge :+1:




Please add me. Completed 14 days target 30 days f5f949


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To track how many days it has been since your last update; simply check the edit history of the scoreboard or leave a note in the journal section of statistics of the date you started :+1:


@srubio @subhamsensit
Please delete your Calendar’s post (Screenshot),
It makes confuse new members.


Yes you are right :+1: I didnt expect it to generate confusion in new members :grin:

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Where is scoreboard? Can i join for 30 days i am at 14 days


@subhamsensit Welcome to the challenge, have a read of the rules to learn how to join (1st post), best of luck! :grin:

guys you can add yourself in the above edit post (2nd post), add your name with day 0 And kindly try to update it regularly

SCOREBOARD page no. 2