Challenge2Myself, speedrun.🔥

A challenge for me to see how far I can go

Will update daily 6-7 times.
Priority updates-
After waking up, before sleeping and In afternoon.

going to sleep now.


It has finally begun

To-Do for Now
Bathing early.
Eating something healthy.


I’m sorrryy!

I didn’t updated cuz I was a little too stubborn.

But here is a little summary.

Ate healthy food.
Went out with my friends.
Very good time.

Was a lot engaged in work

Peaked a bit…sorry sorry I am so so sorrryyyyy!!! I won’t do this again. Forgive me as an innocent child my god​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Love U My Universe.

Good night guys🥂


Good morning, slept just 4:50 hours. I will sleep later.

It’s a good morning. Let’s see what we have for the day.

I kind of felt the urges while I woke up but now it’s gone.

What I will do for now is -
Read a book
Bath early

Kind of getting emotional bursts…I don’t know why.

Okay okay okay,

I spilled…cheers fuck whatever…

Waking up early won’t give me anything good unless I go out to park…I got it…

What to do now…as my mind is numb as fuck…

Meditation…okay after bathing I will do meditation.

My Self improvement pill aka Punishment
No ego gratification…gonna fight this evil
No anime for today…this is sad
No YouTube for entertainment purposes for today
No social media for today
No snacks for today.

Can only talk to people, call or watch educational or nofap videos.

Will update in 2 hours see ya guys…

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Well well well, the day went smooth till now

Did my bath, ate something healthy. No social media. Yes no social media for entertainment…

Took no snacks either.

No anime too…omg

Went out, dropped my friend.

Inquired about my card and and bought new headphones

Gave my sunglasses and viewing glasses for repair!!

Now home!
It’s 4:47 pm

Bruh this was good.

Did nothing after coming home. Rested.
Ate healthy food and a burger.

Talked with my friends, felt good.

Will sleep in some minutes.

Good night guys.

I sleep alone. I used to watch p at this time. But I am leaving that habit now.

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